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Friday, June 11, 2021

New computer!

My new computer arrived this morning, but I'm waiting for Donald to open up the box and set it up for me.  I bought a new Mac, and I think the screen is either 15" or 16".  I am currently using a 13" so it will be a lot nicer for me.  I hope Apple didn't change everything from what I have now - these days I hate change in most things, unless, of course, there is a good reason to change.  Most of the time I think it's just to sell something new - nothing really different or more useful.

The weather is beautiful and I wish it would stay this way.   At noon it is a beautiful 73 degrees and going up to a lovely 84!  Next week will be different though - very hot and over the century mark.

My left hand still hurts so much and it's difficult to use it, especially to type on the computer.  So I'm not getting anything done today, but at least I have a good excuse!



  1. Maybe you can have Siri do your typing for you, hopefully with a minimum of mistakes that have to be corrected later. Phil

    1. Some part of me absolutely does not want an inanimate object to talk to me.

  2. Hope you enjoy your new Mac and the larger screen. Sorry your hand still hurts