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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Something from the past!

I discovered an old quilt in one of my boxes I've carried from house to house since I was a young girl.  It is twin size, and was made for me by my grandmother.  I believe she sewed the patches together by machine, but the quilting itself is all done by hand.  It is still in great shape except for the strip that goes entirely around the edges of the quilt.  So I washed and dried it today, and will decide if I will try to mend the edging.  I don't have a twin bed these days but I could use it when I take a nap on the couch, although I'm afraid Rocky will love it as much as I do.  The thing about quilts in the old days is that they were often made of old clothing and other cloth items that no longer served their original purpose.  So it really is a "blast from the past".

I was the first grandchild and my grandma and I had a special bond between us.  I loved her dearly and I know it was returned.  She lived to be nearly 98 (or maybe it was 99) when she was crossing the road to mail a letter.  She was then living in town and being a small country town there was very little traffic.  But someone came speeding up the road and it was estimated he was going 85 miles an hour when he hit my grandma, sending her body 75 feet from where she had been.  He was definitely inside the town limits, and was facing the bright morning sun; I'm sure he didn't see her.  He cried and admitted that he had killed her; when he hired a lawyer he changed his tune.  The judge ruled that since she was so old she didn't have long to live anyway, and the man got off scot free.  I hope he never got a decent night's sleep from that day on.  And the same goes for the judge!

I washed and dried the quilt and it looks beautiful, at least to me.  It is nothing fancy,  but was pieced together with scraps of material that I would probably have recognized when I was younger.  Old and outgrown clothing and fabric items were always sent to grandma for her quilts, and raising a large family she had probably a dozen or so quilts in her house at any one time.

I've often wondered if I have the longevity genes passed on by grandma.  Nearly all my aunts have lived into their 90's, including two that are still around!  My mother, unfortunately, died just before she turned 83, and I'm coming up on that age in several months from now.  I'm going for the 90's! 


  1. OH what a treasure you have found.Yes it would make a lovely cover up for a nap on the couch. What a terrible way for her to pass and I also hope niether of them slept another night in peace.

  2. Wonderful to have this special quilt. I am a quilter and the bindings do fray over time in older quilts. The old binding can be taken off and a new one put on in it's place. A nice treasure for you to hand down, perhaps to your oldest granddaughter.

  3. Looking back, it was probably a blessing to go so quickly, and I'm almost sure she didn't know what hit her. She was very religious and I'm sure she prayed many times during her life that she would go quickly and not be a burden on her family. Sometimes we don't realize how our prayers will be answered!

  4. Yes, Gramma, it certainly is a treasure. I think several of my granddaughters would love its sentimental value. It was what they used to call a "utility quilt" - meaning that it was for keeping warm over looking grand. I love those old quilts and the folks who had to use them to keep warm must have loved them also. The time and work that went into creating them is precious. Also precious is the fact that my grandma made it especially for me!

    1. I have a quilt that my Grandfather pieced the top during the 1940's as a challenge to my Grandmother that he could make it. The entire quilt is made up of "scrappy" diamond shape pieces. The quilt top was put away for about 50 years and then my Mom's cousin hand quilted it for her. It is now in my possessions and I truly love and cherish it.

    2. You are so lucky to have it and your beautiful memories.

  5. What was I thinking!!! I am only 80, and won't be 81 until November. I am happy, and feel better, knowing I probably have more time left than I thought!