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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Another "Accident"

Yesterday I was walking Rocky, and we were passing by a house that has a ferocious sounding dog behind a high wooden fence.  As we approached the property line of this dog, he began to bark loudly, so that Rocky sort of jumped back in surprise.  In that motion, the leash that I was holding scraped the back of my left hand.

I wasn't back home long before I realized I needed medical help, so Jeannie took me to an emergency medical place just a mile from my house.  The dr. who saw me was so nice - he cleaned the wound and bandaged it up for me - I think he used some sort of tape in place of stitches, but I'm not sure because it hurt quite a bit and when that happens, I don't look!  So all I know is that my left hand is bandaged up.  He gave me some extra wrap so I can change the bandage, but I couldn't do it one-handedly, so I tried to keep it dry in the shower this morning and will wait and see how things go.  I forgot to ask him how long I need to keep the bandage on.

Jeannie thinks I shouldn't walk Rocky any more because I keep having accidents with him.  It's a good thing we have a big back yard for him, although he doesn't like to be out by himself.  I sometimes throw a ball to him from the deck, but he gets bored with that.  He is pretty good on a walk, but other dogs make him lose his good intentions.  I'll have to say that the incident yesterday was not his fault.  I believe any dog would jump or back up when hearing what sounded like a ferocious large dog behind the fence, although I doubt if he's more than medium sized.  Rocky barks when other dogs go by, but nothing like the sound of this particular dog.  The opposite side of the street has no sidewalk, and there is very little space to walk and be safe from the traffic.

I have been feeling very depressed since this incident, and actually have felt that way for months.  It seems that no matter what I do, I shouldn't be doing it; no matter where I walk, I shouldn't be walking there, and so on.  I guess I should sit around and wait until senility takes over or until I die!   Aren't these supposed to be "golden years"? 


  1. Search Amazon for hand cast cover to get waterproof protection for your bandage. They have them for arms, legs, etc. and are good to have on hand.

  2. Felt i needed to respond and tell you to hang in there... i have a huge bruise on my left knee and have NO recollection how it got there! Seems like something that caused such a bruise would be an event that one would remember... I know it seems anything you do, it is not the right thing or a tiny thing causes a big issue!!!..
    Take Care, there are ones 'out there' that are rooting for you!!

  3. I know you don't want to hear this but, Rocky is to large for you to handle. Even though this was not his fault these things happy when out walking a large dog. My nasty neighbor has to pits, they have the most horribley scary barks and I have hear people walking past the house and let out screams from these dogs scaring them. These are the same people everyday some times twice.
    I'm sorry your so upset but unfortunetly this is what happens to us when we age. We bruise so easily and it takes forever to heal. As far as I'm concerned there are no golden years only tarnished brass.