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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thanksgiving Day

To all of you in the United States, I wish a very happy Thanksgiving Day.  I'm sure we all can find something to be thankful for today, even though it sure isn't going to be like past Thanksgivings.

I guess I can be thankful that I'm still around.  I had an echocardiogram yesterday and have been furnished with the results, but will see my cardiologist on Monday for a full interpretation of those results.  I wouldn't be surprised if I have to wear some kind of device in the future, but in the report the technician recommended another type of test.  I don't think I'm going to do any further testing - they can have you running in circles, especially at my age, and I'm not buying it!

Jeannie and Donald are having a big Thanksgiving dinner today.  I think Donald's mother is coming, and I am considering walking over to their house a bit later.  I don't eat much and really don't enjoy going anywhere, especially with Rocky.  They have a feisty little puppy, Tito, who keeps after Rocky to wrestle, chase, and play fight.  It makes me nervous.

Rocky has become a mostly good dog lately, although he has to let the devilishness out sometimes.  I feel so bad for him having an owner like me - he should be playing, running, chasing, and enjoying life with someone younger.

While not completely healed, my wrist is so much better, and I'm thankful for that.  I try to use my left hand as much as I need to, and am doing pretty well although there are limits.

I bought a new computer (although I'm using my old one to type this blog entry).  Having used a Mac for a number of years, I decided to switch to a Windows-based computer.  I don't know if I made a mistake or not as I really didn't want to face such a learning curve at this stage of my life.  The reason I didn't stick with the Mac is because it seemed like they were making some drastic changes (they call them "improvements") and I just want a computer to do basic functions, mainly word processing.  Of course you can't find simple and logical anything these days.  And if something isn't constantly being updated and given a new look, then it's not going to survive.

I'm chuckling to myself because I realize I sound like my dear Grandpa.  As I've grown older I now realize how right he usually was.  I don't think he ever truly trusted the government, and he would be horrified if he was around today.  I have enough of his genes to understand him.  And my dad was the same way, so I come by it honestly.

All in all, life has been pretty good to me and I am truly thankful.




  1. Glad to see your post. I wish you a very good time at Thanksgiving dinner. Enjoy 😁
    Great to hear too that Rocky is developing into a very good companion for you. Don’t let him get to your toilet paper, that’s hard to come by these days again LOL 😉

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Gypsy. Jim and I are having a quiet turkey dinner at our house. Rocky is loved. That's the most important thing you can give him. Good luck with the new computer. I hate having to learn new technology. So frustrating. Hope all goes well with the cardiologist.

  3. I am glad you will not be alone this Thanksgiving. If Donald and Jeannie are cooking I am sure it will be very tasty.

    Congratulations on the purchase of your new computer. I have considered buying a Chromebook since I understand they do not get any viruses and are relatively cheap.

    May your appointment with your cardiologist go well. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! hope you made it to Jeannie and Donald's place for a bit. I had a good day with 1 of my daughters and her 2 kids which of course are my grand kids and to of my great grand kids.

    Hope all goes well at the cardiologist on Monday