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Monday, June 1, 2020

June 1st!

Can you believe we will soon be half way through this year!  The second half can't be any worse than the first, but at least I hope we can get back some freedom to move about, if only for a month or two.  I think the virus will be around for a long time though.

 Jeannie is driving me and Rocky to the vet at 4pm this afternoon.  One of the vet assistants will come outside to get Rocky and take him in to get his nails clipped.  They are so long that I plan to make an appointment for the next three weeks and hope they can get them down to a decent length.  Of coure, with totally black nails, they can't see the "quick", so they have to be careful at first.

So he doesn't like to have his nails touched.  I have two bottles - one contains CBD oil (I guess you can use it for people as well as pets), and a bottle of hemp oil for dogs.  I'm uncertain which one I'm going to give him about 45 minutes before our appointment but I hope it will help him stay calm.  I doubt if anything short of a total knockout will calm him down when they try to clip his nails.  You just wouldn't believe it if you could see my son, Joe, clip Rocky's nails.  Rocky doesn't move a muscle, and Joe doesn't have to sit on him.

We never did get the rain that was promised, but we have a couple of cloudy days coming up soon.  I doubt if we will see any moisture, so I keep watering the garden.  I have a squash plant that is growing beautifully.  I actually have about 2 or 3 each of yellow & green squash, but there is one that promises to be exceptional.  It's the same with the tomatoes - some are really growing tall and leafy, and some are short and puny looking.  I did get a couple of ripe cherry tomatoes that I gave to Jeannie.  I love tomatoes but have found them too acidic for my comfort.  The organic, home-grown tomatoes are probably ok, but I'm so used to not eating them and am a little nervous about it.  You might wonder why in the world I planted so many tomato plants when I don't eat them.  I will maybe use a few in salads or sandwiches, but the majority of them will go to Donald to make sauce or whatever he wants to make out of them.  And I'll be happy with a little sample of whatever it is.

I hope all have a good week ahead, as well as a decent month of June.



  1. Our doxies have all been well behaved at the groomers for their nails but helldogs if we tried to do it at home. Sure hope June looks brighter then the past few months.

    1. Unfortunately, my hell dog is bad at the vet and bad at home for everyone except my son. I'm dosing him with some good stuff and hope it works!

    2. We drove to Banfield Pet Hosp. and called from the car - the vet asst. was supposed to come out and get him. They wouldn't do it because they said they had mailed me something called "gabapectin" to calm him down, which they never did or else I didn't receive it. I'm so angry I will never go back to Banfield, which means I now need to find a new vet. I'll just take him for longer walks on pavement and hope his nails wear down a bit.

      I'm so distraught I almost feel like it isn't worth it to have a dog and have so many strikes against me - my age is the first strike, and the fact that I can't drive is the second.

  2. I think it's "gabapentin", Gypsy. I didn't know that could be used for calming, though. I was given that for my little Yorkie that I ended up having to put down. I have read bad things about Banfield hospitals, but hoped the one you were using was a good one. Good luck finding a vet.

  3. Glad to read that your garden is doing so well and that you have already harvested some cherry tomatoes.

    Sorry about the vet problem, hope you find a good one soon.

  4. You can cut the acidity of the tomatoes by lightly sprinkling sweetener or sugar on them.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.