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Monday, December 30, 2019

At least it's a sunny day

I don't want to complain about rain, but just about as soon as the weeds dry out enough for me to cut them, it rains again.  I'll have to say it's nice looking at all that green in my backyard after a summer of dead brown grass.

I took this photo when I got up this morning and managed to catch him before he woke up.

Why he burrows his head underneath the covers is a mystery to me, but it's okay.

My christmas tree still looks beautiful, and the needles aren't prickly yet nor are they dropping off the tree.  I add water to the tree holder about every other day, and I hate to think of taking the tree down.  Usually I'm not that sentimental about  it, but this one is such as perfect shape and exactly a perfect size.  Rocky can just about walk under the lowest branches, although he pretty much steers clear of the tree.

I hope there isn't too much celebrating of New Year's eve around this neighborhood.  The mobile home park was perfect to me in that most people's houses were always dark after 9pm.  I might enjoy popping a champagne cork, but as for all the noise of New Year's Eve, I was done with that years ago!

I think I will take Rocky for a short walk.
I might write a short post tomorrow, but if I don't I will wish everyone a Happy New Year a day early.


  1. You do have a perfect tree. I still have mine up to dont' know why maybe because it's so cold and I don't want to go out to the shed to get the totes and tree box.
    Like you said it's nice to see the sun shining finally

    I will be home and in bed by midnight I'm such a party animal LOL HAPPY NEW YEAR GYPSY

    1. Happy New Year to you also, Jo. I hope you get to travel somewhere in 2020 - I often wish I could still drive so I could take off with my dog.

  2. I want to wish you a very, very happy 2020 and many, many more.

    1. And also to you, Diz. I'm looking forward to hearing about your upcoming trip to Pennsylvania.

  3. I love that picture of Rocky under the covers!

    I certainly hope they keep the fireworks down to a minimum as we live in the county and they are allow. At least the unemployeed drunk step-son of mother's nice neighbor went to visit his wife (who recently left him) and kids so one less noise polluting drunk on our street.

    Have a Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks - Rocky usually burrows down into the middle of the bed at night when the temps go down.

      Since I'm new to this neighborhood I don't know how noisy it gets, but I hope it doesn't get all the dogs barking!