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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Trouble Brewing

I hadn't been up long this morning when I realized I have a big problem with one of my molars that probably should have been pulled but I wanted to try to save it.  I know the dentist does emergency work on Saturday, but I didn't call.   I will call Monday but I have a chiropractic appointment in the morning, so I guess I could make it to the dentist in the afternoon if I can get someone to drive me.  He is adamant about my not driving after taking one little 5mg Valium!   (I  probably don't need the valium any more, but it's like a crutch.)   I wish I could hold out until Thursday of next week as I don't want to miss my art class on Wed. evening!  

I am so excited about my photo enlargements!  Viewing them in a 9x12 (or whatever size I've had them printed) makes many things more visible to me.  A lot of the reprints are of water - rivers and of course the Kenai Fjord, and I've been looking at the reflections in the water, the waves and how the movement of water actually looks, the effect of light on part of the photo, etc.  What fun it's going to be to try to paint my own version, but that is probably a little ways off!  

I'm still sleeping in the bed with framed photos lined up along one side.  Good thing I don't move around a lot in my sleep.  I bought 8 new 5 x 7 frames to match what I already have and find I need more of them!  I'm one short for grandchildren, once I add Ara and Steve & Meg's new baby girl!  Then I want to arrange their family photos above the kids - I'm so glad the photographer did one with each family itself.  She also took one for each of my kids with their family and me, but I won't hang them on my gallery wall.  I am so slow getting this started I just hope I live long enough to see it done and enjoy looking at them!  (Just kidding, a little bit)

I am really hungry by now but so far haven't eaten much since I can't chew on one side.  I was able to eat a Klondike bar with no trouble, but don't know what in the world I'll do for dinner.  Probably skip it entirely.  I no doubt could manage another Klondike bar though.  I've never been a big soup eater and when I do eat it I make it from scratch.   I may break down and buy a couple of cans of Campbell's soup, but don't even feel like getting in the car and driving anywhere.

The break in our water lines yesterday was fixed within an hour, as promised.  I have several gallons of bottled water for such an emergency, but I'd hate to have to use them for very long, not knowing how long I would be needing them.  We take so many things for granted that are at the flip of a switch or a tap.

I did buy gas this morning and it has gone up 10 cents in just the last few days.  I noticed the Shell station up at the corner has gone from $2.60 to $2.70 in a single jump.    Costco also jumped a dime a gallon to $2.22.   I knew from watching Shell every time I enter or leave the Park that I should top off my tank soon.

I just decided I couldn't go on without food, so I made myself a small batch of soup with what I have on hand.  It sure looks, smells, and tastes great!  Maybe I can save half of it for tomorrow?


  1. So sorry to hear about your tooth problem. Hope they can get you in on Monday. I can't have those Reeces Klondike bars in the house or I will eat them all in about 58 hours.

    1. I usually can just eat one a day, but I'm feeling like I need a bit of pampering! I probably won't though, especially considering the carbs & sugar that they contain. I can't remember exactly and refuse to look at that part of the package!

  2. I am sorry to hear you are in pain, tooth aches are the worst.

    Here in Texas gasoline prices have gone down even though they were already reasonable. $2.70 is a little high but you live in an expensive state.

    Glad you were able to make yourself a batch of homemade soup.

    1. CA gas prices always go up in the summer because they supposedly use an additive to keep pollution down. Does it work? I have no clue. I paid $2.22 at Costco but Shell's price for reg. is $2.70. They are 3 miles apart and you'd think there wouldn't be that much of a difference. I stick with Costco.

      I just hope I can schedule the dental work so it doesn't conflict with my art classes. So far I've used a salt water rinse every now and then, and Anbesol, which really helps although I can't chew on that side.