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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Brushes & Brews

I went with Jeannie, Donald and Autumn to the last hour or so of the Brushes & Brews exhibit, and was delighted to see an artist from my class and well as meet some new ones.  In think Jeannie & her family also enjoyed it, and the time went by pretty quickly.  We carried a glass of brew around with us while we looked at the different exhibits, and then found a table where we could sit and talk (and drink another brew - not Donald, the driver!).  Their golden ale is to me the very best tasting brew I've ever had, even compared with other local craft breweries.   One of the artists in my class sold a painting and I was very happy for her.  There were some excellent entries and I really enjoyed looking at them.

I went to Michael's earlier in the day and purchased art classes for each Wednesday for the next 8 weeks.  I also bought a tabletop easel which should help, as well as a few accessories.  This stuff adds up and I have to quit buying for a while.  I don't know how I'll handle it if I decide to try to oil paints, but I'll manage.  I think looking at art overall, I really like Bob Ross' method (as well as his mentor, Bill Alexander).   I am not into most of the modern type art, but like the ones that depict nature as Bob Ross does.  It can get monotonous, and I sometimes think he should stop 5 minutes before he does, but the style is what I find most comforting and attractive to me - nothing fancy, but just nature in its finest.  I am old fashioned in this regard, and probably an irritation to an art teacher, but that's the way it is.   I know I will have a constant battle of wills with the instructor over what I do and how I paint.  It's ironic - I have always had a wild streak but not when it comes to art.  In that regard I've always loved the style that "looks like something", whether it is Michaelangelo, Renoir (in his earlier years), and so on.

My granddaughter, Ara, is moving back to Sacramento (from Philly), and Jeannie is flying out soon to meet and drive back with her.  I envy them the road trip and  tell them to keep a constant eye out for changes in the weather, and to not be hesitant about changing their itinerary.  I'm an old pro at that, but have to let them get it right themselves.  I will worry though, and got Jeannie a complete set of maps from AAA as they would rely on an iPhone GPS which doesn't give a big picture in case one needs to completely change their route.

I'm so happy that Ara will be here, in the fold of a loving family.  She is very artistic in her own right, and I think Jeannie talked to a few artists about venues for selling their art.  Ara doesn't like to sell what she paints, but maybe she will change her mind.

I know from experience that it is not easy to go back home and live under one's mother's roof.   I can only offer her the opportunity to drop in and stay whenever she feels like it.  It would be totally wonderful to me to have a younger person around from time to time, but I realize that a younger person needs their space and people their own age.  I'm cool with whatever comes about - I've been there, done that.

Jeannie hadn't heard from Ara for about a week and was so worried.  I told her that I worry constantly about her (Jeannie) as well, and I don't think she even thought of that.  I worry about my kids and grandchildren, although I don't let it get the best of me.  They will be fine, and what is a mother or grandmother to do if they can't fret about their chicks.

Life is so good it's almost scary sometimes!


  1. How wonderful for your class mate to have sold one of her paintings. Maybe you will be able to do that to someday.
    Yes we worry about our kids and grandkids and now my great grandkids. But like you said we can't worry our lives away. Glad Ara is coming home and maybe she will get lucky and find a good job quickly and find a nice little apt.

    1. I don't have any hopes of ever being good enough to sell a painting, but as long as I enjoy thinking about it I'm ok.

      I'm hoping Ara can find a good job with benefits and insurance, but most kids today have the equivalent of a 20 or 30 year mortgage with their student loans. It's no wonder they don't have much hope to have as good as, or a better life than that of their parents - something that has driven young people for generations.

  2. That's great about Ara. Did she just not like Philly? Being in the east would be a real switch from Sacramento if that's where she grew up and has friends.

    1. She loved Philly and has friends all over PA from going to college in Huntingdon. She missed her family, her sisters growing up, and who knows what else.

  3. Glad you all had a good time at the Brushes and Brew exhibit. I so admire how you put your heart and soul into every activity you undertake from your workout ethic, downsizing your belongings and now your art classes.

    I know all the family is going to be so happy to have Ara back home.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Now if I could only put heart and soul into having a sparkling clean house! Nah.