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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I'm still around

I worked out at the gym last night with Jeannie, and noticed they had made available some recipes for St. Patrick's Day milkshakes.  Since it contains delicious things that I like, including ice cream, milk, and whipped cream, as well as the green coloring and sprinkles, peppermint flavoring, I took a copy of the recipe to try.  The family is getting together for corned beef and cabbage (we talked Joe into making it), and I'm providing dessert!  I will wait and buy the ice cream the day before or else I might eat half of it as is.

You may remember my mentioning a book, "The Magic Art of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo.  I finished it and am now starting on the sequel, "Spark Joy".  The theory is that you hold each item and determine if you find joy in it, otherwise, get rid of it.  I have already done that with several pieces of clothing I have - they are in perfect condition but I just don't care about wearing them.  I'm probably going about it all wrong as far as the sequence of what to tidy first, but I have already collected quite a few bags of things to donate.  I also have several empty drawers in the bedroom!

The rest of the week looks good with temps rising into the 70's and sunshine.  I will have to get back to working on the weeds before the next bout of rain.  I wish I could afford to have a lawn service take care of it for me as well as to trim some of the bushes (including the damn killer oleander), but I'm committed to putting some money into remodeling the bathroom, and later on in the summer or fall, remodeling some of the kitchen.

The dog park across the street is driving me crazy.  There are two dogs - I won't hazard a guess as to what kind they are, except they growl and bark pretty loudly for being small dogs.  I walked past them on the way to the laundry this afternoon and you'd think they'd like to kill me.  I tried talking gently to them, but next time I'm going to yell "Go lay down!!!".  Their owners let them go at it for a while and then pretend they are trying to tone down the noise level of the dogs, but I'm not buying it.  I'm all for a safe place to let dogs run off the leash, but not in such close proximity to people's houses.

With all the activity and planets/stars in the eastern sky, I've been unable to view most of it due to fog and cloudy skies.  I think I got a quick look at Arcturus last night, but it didn't last long.  I would hope for some good sky viewing in NY, but there are so many tall trees that it's doubtful I'll see much of the sky except what is directly over the back yard.

I'm not sure when I'll be back.  There isn't much to write about.  If the green shakes are pretty I might post a photo of one.


  1. Arcturus rises higher each night in the Eastern sky. For anyone wondering where Arcturus is in the sky just follow the Big Dippers handle across the heavens to the brightest star & that will be Arcturus:))

  2. I'm hoping the skies will be more clear tonight.

  3. You sure are staying busy these days. But how wonderful to have empty drawers now. I think which ever direction you work in is OK as long as you get things done that makes you happy.

    A green milk shake sounds pretty good right now. But I guess the 40 cal. fudge pop will work.

    Are you going to NY before you Alaska trip?

  4. Ever since you mentioned "The Magic Art of Tyding Up" you got my attention. I really need to do something about my clutter especially the paperwork clutter.

    Uhmmm...the corned beef and cabbage sounds delicious. The green milkshake sounds great too.