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Friday, November 13, 2015

My lucky Day

I've always considered 13 as my lucky number, and Friday the 13th is a lucky day for me, today being no exception.  I feel terrific this morning!  

Just a note to mention my "episode" of a couple days ago.  I have always been sensitive to medications, both prescription and OTC.  That's why I decided to stop taking them altogether and have had noticeable improvement in my health and how I feel since then.  Lately I developed an itchy rash and ended up using a topical cream that I found in my medicine cabinet, one that missed the clean-out and throw-away of all medicated products.  I didn't realize what was in the cream - but there must have been one ingredient or more that I shouldn't have used.  

I'm almost certain of the cause, because it's the same that happened to me about 2 wks ago - I am finally getting over a nasty bout with sciatica.  I used ice packs, and then moist heat for the pain and they worked pretty well although not eradicating the pain completely.  I can live with pain, but it became excruciating for me to walk, so I caved in and bought a small bottle of Aleve.  Bad move - within 2 days I had a reaction from the Aleve, and it is the same type of reaction I had a couple of nights ago with the soothing cream.

So don't think I would ever want to go to a doctor about this.  What do doctors do but to prescribe medications and send a patient for umpteen tests.  I have medicare backed by Blue Cross, so the insurance is too much of a temptation for doctors to ignore when ordering tests.  No way am I going to do this, and I am prepared to pay the consequences!  Of course if push comes to shove, who knows what they will do and I am no exception.  As it stands now, I'm prepared to live or die with the decisions I make.

It will be nice to get back to the treadmill at the gym next week.  I've been avoiding it until the sciatica is gone, and it looks like I'm about 98% improved.  Something about the planes from NY - from the smaller aircraft to Chicago, to the larger one to Sacramento, caused me grief.  I noticed I could barely sit in the seat shortly after leaving Chicago, and I think I mentioned that I just stood in the aisle for several minutes at a time.  I've never been the same since although things are looking up now.

It is a beautiful sunny day at 63 degrees - no doubt, much warmer than my house.  



  1. It is true that most doctors want to prescribe something but that's at least partly because that's what their patients want, a pill to make me better so I don't have to change anything about what I'm doing or eating. Glad to hear you are feeling so much better. 98% sounds really wonderful.

  2. I can feel your pain with the sciatica, since I was trouble with it too on an off for about a month. My daughter told me about and exercise she did for hers, plus I held the counter and did swats. And I am allergic to Alive and lots of other things that may contain aspirin so I just use Tylenol. Glad you doing better

    1. I do stretches and squats too as I am unable to tolerate medications. We also have an inversion table which helps oxygenate and open up the spine and lavender essential oil is relaxing too.

  3. Most problems can be cured without a doctor visit. The doctor is reserved for more sever cases that you can't seem to treat yourself or get over in a fair amount of time. I only go to doctors when my prescriptions are about to run out and I have used the last refill allowed. The doc doesn't like to see me in his waiting room because I am going to make sure he knows I am the boss and he is working for me. I pay him, right? So he is my employee (grin).

  4. My brother had strong shoulder pain for three years. The doctors prescribed pain medications which didn't work and were thinking of doing some kind of surgery. He just recently visited a chiropractor for his back and mentioned his shoulder pain. The chiropractor examined his arm and told him his elbow was out of joint and put it back in. The shoulder pain immediately ceased. He is soooo happy!!