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Monday, November 23, 2015

Me? Get a job?

First, I want to answer Larry's question about my sciatica.  It lasted about 5 weeks, but when it started to get better the relief was very fast.  I hope I never have that again, and I hope you can find a quick solution for yours.  I'm so glad I'm under chiropractic care; I found I cannot take Naproxyn and other NSAIDS, and lord only know what an MD would have prescribed for me.

My granddaughter, Ara, is here for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I went to Jeannie's house this morning and visited for a while.  We will all be going to Joe and Sarah's for Thanksgiving dinner.  For the first time I'm not planning to cook anything or bake pies.  There are enough younger women and men in the family, all of whom are exceptional cooks, who can do the job.

Tomorrow I'm going to speak with someone about a volunteer job that I'm interested in.  I'll post right away if and when I find out if it is mutually beneficial.  I also have another possibility in mind, and who knows, I may decide to do two different jobs.  I'm looking to fill a need in the community as well as to be with people.  Watching TV just doesn't equate to human contact.


  1. I baked 2 cheese cakes today I don't mind making them. Tomorrow I will make another pumkin cheese and Thur. morning a creation I came up with last year and the kids loved it. I try to buy reduced fat or no fat and sugar free fixin's.

    Doing volunteer work can be really great.

  2. When my kids were small I tried making cheesecake from scratch. They were super delicious, but I ended up eating most of it. After a couple of chesecakes, I quit. I'll go to my daughter's house on Wednesday and oversee her and my granddaughter making pies, but I don't want to do it myself anymore.

  3. You have earned the right to not have to cook for Thanksgiving...I am sure the younger kids do not mind.

    Helping the community through volunteer work is a great thing. Kudos to you!

  4. Thanks for the comment about your leg pain. Mine has eased up but still in the background.

  5. Thanks for the comment about your leg pain. Mine has eased up but still in the background.

  6. Hope your volunteer job puts you in contact with people you will enjoy.Happy Thanksgiving to you and those great cooks of yours.