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Saturday, November 7, 2015


The temperature outside right now is 41; inside my house the thermometer reads 47!  Fortunately the sun is beaming in the windows on the northeast side of the house.  I will ask Donald to light the pilot on the heater for me, but I'll set it to something like 55.  I can't stand it when the thing clicks off and on constantly, but I need the house to be a little warmer when I get up.  This reminds me of when I lived in Ireland in a beautiful old stone farmhouse!  I had small heaters in the kitchen, living room and bathroom, plus a fire going in the living room almost year around.  The downstairs heaters used gas tanks and I never had a problem with them, so I'm wondering if a Mr. Buddy heater would work in my current house.  If they are ok for an RV they should be ok for a house, right?  Comments welcome on this.

I finally put my "winter sheets" on the bed yesterday, plus a blanket, and switched the lighter weight comforter to my down comforter, so as long as I was snuggled under the covers I was warm and comfortable all night.  Getting up to go to the bathroom was hell though!

I am hoping to find my way over to the park in East Sac where my grandson is playing soccer this morning.   I'm going to bundle up, although during the day it gets warmer outside my house than indoors.   This will complete my "soccer duty", as I will have attended games for all my grandchildren who play soccer this year.

I have expanded my search for a young dog to include male german shepherds, and think I will try to find the Sac. County Animal Shelter that isn't far from my house and take a look now and then.  I also signed up for notifications of dogs who match my specs.  I have done that with labs and gotten pretty many returns, but not many that were in the age or gender category that I prefer.

I looked at all the dogs available from the shelter and most of them are pit bulls.  It's a darn shame that they have such bad reputations, because I believe they are mostly sweet, lovable dogs unless they've been bred and trained to be aggressive.  I don't want to run into a problem with the people who live around me, and there is a lot of prejudice with that type of dog so it's out for me. 

This dog search has become as much something to keep me occupied, and who knows if the dog I'm looking for will turn up.   


  1. Who would've thought just a few weeks ago that you would be suffering from the cold so soon? That 's what happens here in Texas. We go straight from the stove to the freezer. Nothing in between. Well, it isn't too bad right now. Our oak trees are just as green as they were in June. Incredible. I read lots of good things about Mr. Buddy heaters. Bought one to use if we have another power outage like we did last year. Our house has gas heat with electric ignition. Smart, huh? Will see what comments you get. Hope Liam had a good game. And I so much wish a dog would find you!

  2. I don't know why the Mr. Buddy wouldn't work in the house, as long as you leave a window cracked open. I do that anyway even with my furnace. And I guess it is time to turn mine on to we went down to 39 the other night.. Yes it went from heat to freezer as well here. But I am loving it.

  3. German Shepherd? I've had them in the past, and they are wonderful dogs. The only problem is that they take a long time to get out of the puppy stage. LONG time! But mine have had such sweet personalities.

    The Mr. Buddy heaters might be a good idea. Why not just get a space heater? I have a Wave 3 in The Palms, similar to a Mr. Buddy except it's hooked up to the motor home's propane tank. And I have two space heaters that I got at Wal-Mart for around $10-$15 each. On really cold mornings, I turn on the generator, then the space heaters at half heat each, one plugged into the kitchen outlet in the rear of the rig, one at the other end of the rig so I don't pop the breaker. They are very efficient because they blow out the heat. The Wave 3, and I imagine the Mr. Buddy heaters, are great, but they don't have blowers, so they don't heat as fast. When it starts to heat up a bit, I put the space heaters away and keep the Wave 3 on until it's warm enough and the temps outside are going up. That's what I did this morning, and then when I'm WARM, I turn off the Wave 3. :)

  4. Do nor know anything about Mr. Buddy heaters, but mid forties for the house would be cold for me. but of course it is still in the low 80's here during the day.

  5. You are such a good grandmother! Your grandchildren will have good memories of you. Wish I had fond memories of my grandmothers but my parents had me late in life and they were old and tired by then. Kids were not allowed to speak to their elders without permission so I never had a conversation with them...darn shame!

    Can not help you with the Mr. Buddy heater but I hope to learn something from your readers comments.

  6. I've had pretty good success with those oil heaters on wheels you can get at Walmart. I think I have a Pelonis. They really don't use a lot of electricity because once the oil heats up good it doesn't take a lot of power to maintain it. Someone around here taught us to leave it on and not be turning it on and off. (We do turn it off if we are going somewhere for a while). It gradually warms the room and does a good job and doesn't seem to dry out the air. They are cheap too. Many other heaters will provide heat quickly and use blowers, etc. but don't seem to provide a heat that lasts and they use more electricity. Just my thoughts and experience.

  7. The SPCA on Florin Perkins just got in about 8 dachshund mixes (they all look like they have some terrier in them). I watched the Sac County shelter on Bradshaw and the SPCA almost every day for about two months before finding a dog that was the right fit for me. Good luck!