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Thursday, November 12, 2015

My time hasn't come (I hope)

I had a minor scare yesterday evening - actually, I thought I might die, literally.  I won't go into details, but as I sat there thinking, well, "I was ok with reaching 75 and even hoped I might do 80, but if it's my time then it's my time."  Period. 

I thought about a lot things, one of which popped into my mind quite unexpectedly.  I had a bag of caramel popcorn in my "kids' cabinet".  There were some other varieties that I don't care for, but I reasoned if I'm going to die, I'm not leaving a big bag of caramel popcorn!  I ate nearly the whole damn thing (and it was good), and then went to bed.  I slept ok except for waking up with leg cramps every now and then, but this morning I didn't feel so hot.   I knew instantly it was the popcorn I ate last night.  
It's way more sugar than I'm used to these days.

I struggled through breakfast, shower, etc., and went to Costco.  While walking through Costco I felt worse and worse, but as the afternoon goes on I'm feeling decidedly better.  

My gas heater clicked on a few times throughout the night, for just a few minutes each time, but even though the house was chilly this morning it was a lot better than usual.  The sun is shining and the day is beautiful, and I'm warmly dressed.  And I'm still alive!  What more can I ask for.


  1. Popcorn always makes me feel better. ;)

  2. Well sure am glad your are still with us and that your feeling better now. Had my furnace lit today

  3. I am so happy you are still around. Hopefully you never have another one of those episodes. I love caramel corn but a whole bag would be a bit much.

  4. I'm gonna go get me a box of caramel popcorn & carry it with me at all times now just in case:))

  5. Aren't you glad you didn't have to take a dog out for walks when you were that sick ? Sounds like it took all your energy just to take care of your own self. Glad you are in recovery now. - -

  6. I am sure you have quite a few more miles left on you. I am sure you will out live me.

  7. Sounds like a great attitude at a scary time. Glad you are here to tell the tale.

  8. All I can say is, when I thought I was having a heart attack, I called 911 and the ambulance was there in no time. Turns out the pain was caused by something else, not my heart. BUT, if you think you are in trouble, for heaven sake, call 911. Better safe than sorry - thank goodness you're okay! :)

  9. Hi Gypsy,
    That must have been scary, I know if I feel bad, I do go to the emergency room. Better safe than sorry. I have got a lot of repairs to do in the guest house, and I hope that I can get them all done before it is left as a big chore for my daughter.

    When I had leg cramps 40 years ago, my doctor (not a pill pusher) suggested that I take Calcium With D and Magnesium. She said I wasn't getting enough calcium and D. I know that if I don't take them I do get cramps. Hope this helps.

    It would be great if you could find a nice laid back doggie soon. There are plenty around. Belgian Sheepdogs are great loyal breed too.

    Happy Trails and hopefully Happy Tails, Penny

  10. My gosh... take care of yourself. Are you diabetic?