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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Snake Plants and Snakes!

I am looking at a large flowerpot that contains a beautiful snake plant.  I've had it for several years and need to repot it soon.  There are quite a few smaller leaves that would love extra room so they could grow and bring up their own little shoots.  It is such a hardy plant and thrives no matter what you do, or what you don't do, to it.

As for snakes, I can't help but worry about meeting one when I walk Rocky twice a day.  We usually take a road that runs through some woods (not dense woods, though) to another building site where more new homes are springing up.  I hope they leave the woods alone, and I think there are some trees that are on the "protected list" in these woods.  A determined builder could probably find a way around any kind of building codes, but I hope they don't try it in this case. 

I am tired of living here, and while my personal space is awesome, I'm totally separated from everything and everyone.  I can't even see the street from the windows on my side of the house.  As with all California houses, they are separated from the neighboring properties by a tall wooden fence. 

Today started out hot, and will probably end up hanging around the 100 degree mark.  If it's this hot in June, I hate to think of what July and August will be!

Jeannie and I went to a store yesterday evening called 'Total Wine".  I was in "wine heaven", and have never seen such a collection of every type of wine, in every price range.  One of the store employees must have noticed the bottles already in my cart and brought me a coupon for 20% off my total order.  This was a good move on his part because I bought even more than I intended.  I even bought myself a bottle of Johnny Walker scotch, as it was actually lower than Costco's price!  So the long, lonely evenings won't be so bad as I will have my friends, Johnny W. and Mr. Moscato to keep me company for a while! 

While it may sound like a lot, I can assure you that I have always adhered to the rule  that I stop drinking whatever it is BEFORE I start to feel the effects!  That seems to work for me.

I didn't intend to get so "wordy" so I will quit now and wish you all a great day/evening, wherever you are. 


  1. Nice to have something comforting as long as it doesn't become a dependency.
    Stay Safe and Enjoy the AC.

    It's about time.

  2. We used to have the stores here and maybe we still do. The prices were always great.
    As for the heat yes indeed it is already way to hot. It was gorgeous this morning with a slight cool breeze but it sure didn't last long by 8:30 am the breeze was no longer cool.

  3. Not a wine or any alcohol drinker so I've never been in that shop. My friend Jayne who lives in Maine with her son and family, also enjoys her glass of wine each evening.

  4. You are good with potting plants so I am sure the snake plant will do great in their new containers. It was nice of that guy to give you a 20 percent discount coupon off your total order.

    I did not know you were in the triple digits as well. I suppose with climate change it is getting like that all over the country not just in the southern states.

    Glad to see you posting more frequently once more. Take care.