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Saturday, June 18, 2022

I Need a Camera!

I need a new camera so I can take some photos of my new place.  I've been wanting to do that since I've been living here.  I haven't used a camera in so long I think I have forgotten a lot about them, and wonder if I should just buy a disposable camera and throw it away after taking a roll of pictures.  I have a perfectly good camera but haven't used it in so long I'm not sure I want to even try.

My place is really nice and spacious.  I should have no complaint at all, but I'm so darned isolated from other people it's really making me depressed.  If I complain, I sound ungrateful.  I've looked online at several senior housing units in my old neighborhood, but don't know if I should take that step.  It could be great, or it could be a disaster.

My dog knows there is conflict in the air, and he doesn't side with me - that's for sure.  I'm abandoned on all sides.



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