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Thursday, March 17, 2022

Too Many Changes

I turned on my computer this morning to find everything changed!  All my regular programs and sites have been tampered with, to the point where I've lost interest in trying to keep up with them.  Maybe that's intentional on Google's part - phase out the old dinosaurs and make room for the younger ones who like constant change.

So as it stands, I may send another post or two, but as for regular posting - I'm done with change for change's sake!



  1. I am glad to see your post. I was wondering how you made out with your new home. I am sure everyone else is wondering too so I hope you’ll let us know.
    I find that my iPad is the most consistent. I also have a laptop with Windows 10, so far so good.
    Keep us updated, please 🙏👏😁

  2. I have moved around the updates from windows 10 but I know they do it anyway. I did a few post but I have lost interest pretty much. Maybe if I get to go off somewhere and take pictures I'll post something.

  3. For now, my Windows-based computer has remained the same. I want to purchase a laptop because I am having a lot of problems uploading pictures from my cellphone to my desktop but many new computers now come with Windows 11 and after all these years I have yet to learn Windows 10.

    I, like JO, have lost interest in my blogs. I need to post to Walter's World as my precious strays are always up to something but doing a post takes me a lot of time and energy that I no longer have.

  4. I think i'm about done with blogging - if things improve in my life, I might post now and then. I've sure enjoyed making friends with so many readers of my posts. Thank you for enriching my life.