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Sunday, November 21, 2021

The Next Move

The next move I have to make is at the end of November, when Jeannie, Arianna, and I will be moving into a friend's vacant house until ours is ready (probably February or March).  Donald and Autumn will continue to live with his mom until our house is ready to move in.  I can't tell you how much I don't look forward to the next few months.  The saving grace to me is that our next move will be into a "real city neighborhood", with sidewalks, lots of houses, a business section within just a few blocks, and other facets of civilization!   I just want it to all be over with so I can unpack and live out the rest of my time in one place.  I am looking forward to being in the midst of the city, with all the people, traffic, businesses, schools, noise, and such.  I had no idea when I moved here from the mobile home park two years ago how isolated I would be.  My niece and her two boys live in the house closest to the street, and I am to the rear of her place.  It would be slightly better if I was able to get out and move around more, but since I haven't been doing well I am beginning to dislike it very much!  The new house will be even more isolated, and probably several miles to any sort of businesses.  I feel like running away from home!  Originally the move-in date was set for the 23rd of December, but shortages of supplies have pushed everything back a couple of months or maybe even more.  The workers are there at the house whenever we visit, even on weekends, and they are making great progress so far.  But the time will come when they can't get what they need to finish the job.

What a year this has turned out to be!  And it worries me that it won't be over, even at the end of 2021!

On a positive note, I have been amusing myself watching a series of youtube videos by "Planterina", which features amazing and beautiful house plants.  My list grows every time I watch a video, and if I can find them (and afford them), my new place will at least have gorgeous plants all around!  Right now I have my lovely spider plant and a snake plant (sansavieria), plus a couple of other smaller plants.  The snake plant is past ready to be divided into smaller pots, and I'm going to treat myself to adding some new greenery when we move.  My list is up to about 15  new plants that I'd like to have.  Fortunately Rocky has shown absolutely no interest in them, but for the most part, I keep them out of his reach!

So I will try to post some photos of our next place, and maybe the next  time I visit the new house I will have some photos to share.  I hope I will like it - being a new neighborhood with quite a few "next gen" homes, means that there will be other in-laws and extended family members living nearby.  I think it will be a friendly place.  But if I don't start to feel better and want to get out and about, I won't meet anyone!



  1. I hope your move goes smoothly. It will be nice to have stores nearby, passes your time pleasantly.

  2. Jeannie is lucky to have a friend with a vacant house for you guys to move in for a couple of months or until your home is ready.

    I just realized that you will be moving next week, therefore, I am sending positive vibes for it all to go as smoothly as possible.

  3. Thinking about you tonight. Hope all goes well for you. And that the joy of being able to walk to stores, etc. will make up for some of the inconvenience you're having to tolerate.