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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

What is falling from the sky

I walked out to get the mail and was hit by something wet falling from the sky.  RAIN!!!  I haven't tried to figure out how many months since we've had rain and I'm glad to see it even if it is pretty cold.

The interstates through the Sierras have already been closed at the higher elevations, and I'm glad no one I know is trying to travel across the mountains.   I wouldn't want to be on any roads over the holiday.  I'm so glad I was able to have the family reunion earlier in November when the weather was really nice.

I wonder what will happen in my garden with the cold rain - I'm sure the moisture will be welcome, and the plants are all cool weathr plants, but I don't know about cold weather.  I don't think it will get down anywhere near freezing yet. 

I've been looking forward to having a fire in my fireplace most every evening, and bought a big box of Duraflame logs for this purpose.  I don't want to use real wood logs as I know they send sparks up the chimney, and with Sacramento not having rain for the past 9 or 10 months, I wouldn't dare attempt it.  I have used Duraflame logs for years and this is the first time I have noticed a strong chemical smell emanating from them during the entire time they are burning.  If anyone knows of a brand that doesn't emit a chemical odor, I would like to know of it. 

I'm not yet back into the habit of blogging, but I'll get used to it I hope.  Finding a topic to blog about when I'm mostly stuck at home with Rocky doesn't make it any easier to write about what's happening with me.   I did get to shop at Costco over the weekend, and I was astounded at the rise in prices!  In many cases where two boxes, cans, bottles, etc. were always packed together they are now split and you get one item for the price you once paid for two.   With the coffee beans, I noticed the packages are smaller.  I'm sure it will get worse over time.  Hang in there, folks!

That's all for now.  I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving Day.


  1. I think at this point shopping at Walmart is about the same price of Costco and you don't have to buy a membership. Price are sky rocking everywhere it seems.
    This crazy weather system is bringing some really cold air and lots of rain. I had unhooked my DVD player but I think I will set it up so I can play my fire place video. It makes the same crackling noise and logs falling over as if it was a real fireplace. I'm glad I decided to stay home for Thanksgiving I don't want anyone picking me up and then having to drive me home again as the weather is expected to be pretty bad.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you also

    1. I still love shopping at Costco and supplement my food shopping at a local grocery. I just renewed my Costco membership a couple of months ago, and with the discount of a percentage of my purchases during the year, I didn't have to pay anything for renewal. I am sure all stores are going to have to raise their prices as well as reduce the size of the item - it isn't the store that ultimately sets the prices (especially of food items), but the availability of the items themselves. Nature was't kind to growers in the midwest states this past year, and with China desperate to acquire food for their millions, we are competing for what we can get. The future looks bleak for the entire world, in my opinion. (Please forgive my long response).

    2. No one ever mentioned to me about the more you purchase goes toward renewal of a new card. I just don't buy enough and I don't have enough room to store large quantities. I do love the laundry soap and dishwasher soap but the dishwasher is broke anyway. Maybe when I finish clearing out more things in this house I'll have more storage space. Your response helped me rethink Costco

    3. Glad to hear it, Jo. I think you have to buy a certain amount for the year to make it worthwhile to get the card that gives you money back. I bought a mattress & box springs for my spare bedroom this year, so that helped me to get more money back. I have to say though, all the money I got back went to the purchase of this year's membership fees.

  2. Do you have a Smart & Final store nearby? Much smaller and easier to navigate. I buy my coffee beans there, Columbian if they have they. They sell to a lot of smaller restaurants. Also a great place to buy spices. Most of my friends are now buying groceries on line and delivered, I think $10. One likes to order on line, then pickup at designated time, sit in the car and phone and say "I'm in space X, bring my order out."

    I think Duraflame logs use parafine as a binder. Maybe they put in chemicals to make them burn cleaner. I have gas, thank goodness.

    1. We have lots of stores nearby such as Smart & Final; i've checked most of them out and find I do as well as, or better, at Costco for many items I buy. I often share some of my purchases with my daughter and it makes it worthwhile to buy in a larger quantity. For other items, I'm happy with my local grocery that delivers. Who can say what the future is going to hold, and I may have to drastically alter what I buy; for now, I buy mostly organic foods because I don't want GMO's and/or chemical pesticides on my plate.

  3. Been seeing in the news all the rain you all have been receiving I am sure your garden as well as you are enjoying it perhaps not so much Rocky.

    I have not seen an increase in grocery prices in my area but I buy much of my canned goods at Dollar Tree and I have definitively seen that their packages keep on getting smaller.

    Never been inside of a Costco before but then the closest on to me is in San Antonio, Texas 144 miles from Del Rio.

    We do not use the fireplace either in Del Rio or Houston as they are a pain to clean would have preferred a gas one but it wasn't an option at the time.

  4. I don't have the energy to clean the ashes from a wood fire, but the Duraflame logs burn to very little ash. I ordered a fireplace set that came today, of a stand with small shovel, poker, and brush. It will make cleaning up a lot easier.