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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Things are moving along!

I just got a text from my brother - they just landed in Sacramento and are waiting for a gate to open.  I'm relieved their flights went well and on time.

Another brother & his family who are staying at Jeannie's house, arrived on Sunday afternoon.  They walked over yesterday and visited, so I got to spend some time with them.  Unfortunately, my house cleaners were here so we had to sit out on the deck, which is kind of cluttered with gardening tools and supplies.

Speaking of gardening, I'm pretty much ready for the season to end.  That said, I have a number of vegetables that are growing well and should be producing in about 2 weeks or so.  Keeping the grass pulled in the second bed is driving me nuts!  I can only lean over for a few minutes and then have to stop.  I'm afraid if I get down on the ground I won't be able to easily get back up, so I just lean over to pull the grass & weeds.

If I had thought about it this morning I would have given Rocky a Benadryl tablet to calm him down.  He's going to love two new people to greet!

So long for now.


  1. So happy your family is starting to arrive for this gathering. Enjoy

  2. Your excitement comes through the screen. I am happy you are going to spend time with your siblings. Have a great time!

  3. It is just great that your family is arriving. Love the Sacramento airport, flight in and out of there when I visit my daughter and her family.

    Rocky being a sociable Labrador will love having guests staying with you. Enjoy and have fun!

  4. Get one of those kneelers with sides on it to help you get back up. Bending over will be bad on your back in the long run. How exciting for you having so much family coming in. Hope your boy behaves.

  5. I agree on the kneeler. Under $10 at Tuesday Morning. Get one with handles on the sides to help when you go to stand up. Or keep a step stool with you when you are on your knees. Phil