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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Back to Normal

We had a high school graduation in the family this past weekend and lots of folks have been around, as well as my sister & her husband from Nevada.  Julie brouht her dog (a golden labradoodle named Tallulah) from Nevada.  To say Rocky and Lulah have enjoyed playing together would be an understatement.  They rested now and then but most of the time it was sheer pandemonium!  (Click on a photo for a slight enlargement.)

They never stayed down for long!

Autumn (Jeannie's daughter) graduated from middle school and her class had a very fun and interesting program.  The kids had their silhouettes around the walls of the gym, and here is Auti's.  Typically, Auti is holding a book in one hand, and a basketball in the other.

My gardening is coming along pretty well and I have lots of plans for the coming months, and would like to make some improvements in the big back yard which has a lot of weeds as it is now.  I would like to have some nice grass for a change.   One of my tomato plants is especially growing well.  I wish I could have done this when I was a few years younger!

 Ara has been invaluable in helping me get my garden started.  She will be leaving for Los Angeles along with other family members for my niece's wedding this coming weekend.  She will come back to Sacramento to pack her car with things she is taking back home, and then will leave again.  I have enjoyed having her around but nothing ever stays the same and goodbyes never get easier!

What I was calling a salamander was actually  no doubt a gecko, and there has been no trace of him.  I sure hope he somehow got back outdoors.  I think Rocky would know if he was still in the house.

It is on its way up to 102 degrees today and I hate to even think of going outside for any reason.  I detest living in a closed up house!   Before Julie and Tallulah left, even the dogs didn't want to go out in the heat, and so they played pretty rough right here in my living room.  So far I only have the bare minimum in the living room (and everywhere in the house for that matter), so we could let them wrestle with each other all they wanted.

I'm looking forward to relaxing for a few days, so I may or may not blog for a few.  I'll be back soon enough though. 


  1. Busy happenings around your place. Love the silhouettes idea. The garden looks really good and lots of tomatoes on the vine.
    I sure know how you feel about the heat and the closed up house. I like brightness but at this time of year everything gets closed up around 10 am.

    1. I will just have to adjust to having the a/c on most of the time, although I turn it off at night because we get a cool breeze that comes up the Delta from the Pacific Ocean and cools us off for most of the morning. Nothing helps when it is 100+ though. I love having the garden but I wish I could have been gardening for the past several years. I can't do more than a little work at a time in it, whereas I want to expand everything and grow lots of different plants.

  2. The dogs look exhausted! Glad they got some good playing time in.

    What a neat idea to have your silhoutte around the walls of the gym in particular that it highlights Autumn's love of reading and basketball.

    Your tomato plants are doing really well glad that Ara was able to help you. I know that you will her. Thought of you today when they said you guys had a higher temperature than in Las Vegas...now that is hot!

    Relax enjoy some peace and quiet...sometimes taking some time off from blogging is good for our soul.

    1. Meant to say "I know that you will miss her (Ara)".

    2. Autumn and Arianna have been in a wonderful school, and I hope the transition to middle school will go well for Autumn. She is an amazing young woman and the school she is coming out of has been one that nurtures all the students. The school is about a block up the street from me, and a few blocks from Autumn's house, and I hope Rocky and I can walk her to and from school once she gets acclimated. (I'm sure her parents will want to take her the first few days at least, and I'm looking forward to helping out.)


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