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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

It finally happened!

I wish I had a magic wand that I could wave and have everything packed and ready to move!  I think the current renters are leaving somewhere around the last week in May,  As it is I have more boxes sitting around than I have room for, and I haven't done a very well-thought out plan.  

Rocky continues to take most of my energy and time.  He is growing and his behavior is a little better (but not much!).  He loves the dog park but with the rain every few days, it is closed half the time.  We spent almost two hours there last week with two other black dogs his size.  He was so tired from that he took almost 3 days to get back to his normal self.

 He finally did it!  I just took him with me to put a load of wash into the dryer across the street.  A man was sitting on the other side of the room waiting for his wash to dry, and Rocky pulled so hard to get to this guy that I fell (and let go of the leash).  Fortunately I was able to get back up (slowly) and my knees had taken the worst of it but they weren't even scratched and I'm walking ok.  I am so mad at that dog I don't know what to do.  I doubt he even realizes he made me fall.

I have another load to do - I'm leaving him in his crate this time and I don't care if the neighbors like it or not!

It's an overcast day with drizzles off and on.  Not conducive to long walks, for sure.  I hope everyone is having a better start to their day than I am!   (I almost feel like erasing this entire post and starting again tomorrow!)


  1. I suggest that if you see this coming, you stand on the leash, hopefully some place like near a door where you have something to hang on to. Also, if there is a post or chair leg where you can wrap the leash around, that will give you a great advantage. And maybe you are going to have to resort to a choker type collar or the one with prongs on it. maybe it is time for obedience lessons. Phil

  2. I just don't know what to tell you about his behavior but you need to do something before you get hurt really bad.

  3. I am so sorry that Rocky made you fall. I do not know where you get all your patience from but that is a testament to your love for Rocky, I do not think I could be so forgiving that is why I do not have "official pets" just "temporary strays" :-(

  4. Get a gentle lead...that goes around his nose. My dog used to take me for walks...

  5. Thanks to all who made the above comments and suggestions. When we go out for walks around lhe neighborhood these days I'm constantly being told how well Rocky is doing. He walks gently and doesn't pull. When he sees a person he knows, or another dog, however, he changes in an instant. He's too sociable for his (or my) own good, I'm told by lots of folks who either know or own a lab that his behavior is fairly common among puppies, and labs notoriously can remain in their puppy stage for 2 or more years! I love this dog and derive so much joy from having him around, I will never give him up!