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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Nothing New Under the Sun!

I'm doing just fine and hope you are all doing well too.  I hope everyone has been able to view the new moon this month, which occurred on May 1.   I've been looking at the moon every evening before turning in, and it is still a beautiful sight.  On Tuesday (the 1st) it was spectacular.  I don't know when it's been so beautiful, and I guess the sky in my area was just right for it  to appear at it's best.

I'm a little nervous as I'm visiting an eye specialist tomorrow, as recommended by my opthamologist, to see what can be done for my left eye.  Whatever it is that he recommends won't be done until after my New York vacation, but at least I'll know.  I haven't had too much of a problem with eye surgeries in the past, and lord knows I've had enough of them, from cataract removal to cornea transplants.   As of now it's just one eye that would require surgery.

I miss the cooler weather although it is nice to have the windows open in the afternoon.

I wish everyone a good weekend coming up!

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  1. The moon has been beautiful here too. I think you meant the full moon not the new moon. I've been lucky enough to see the moon set and the sun rise both at the same time. Goodness, what surgery do they want to do on your eyes now? Retinal?