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Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day!

Monday, May 28 (Memorial Day):
Yesterday many of my d-i-l's (Sandy's) family came to celebrate Joshua's birthday, which is coming up in less than a week.   I was too exhausted by the end of the day to try to write anything.

This morning  we went to a small park nearby for a service of speeches, patriotic music, and tributes.  The parade came down through the community to the park and my grandson Joshua carried his boy scout troop's flag - he looks so good in his uniform, and it won't be long before he is taller than I am.

Mike had to work today, so after the Memorial Day events Sandy and I took the two boys shopping for shoes and hiking boots, and then to Barnes & Noble books.  I even bought myself a book in the Images of America series,  for East Fishkill NY, which encompasses about 8 communities.   I have visited so many parts of this large area, mainly to see places that figured so importantly in the Revolutionary War.   George Washington had a number of headquarters in the area.

Note:  "Kill" is the Dutch word for river or stream.  (If any Dutch-speaking folks are reading this and want to clarify this if I don't have it correctly, please comment and let us know.)  The Governor of New York in 1849 was a man named Hamilton Fish.  Thus Fishkill, is probably named after a river or creek on the property of Hamilton Fish.  I want to include this bit of trivia because so many folks from other parts of the country think it means something about killing fish!  Now again, I may be wrong about this but it seems logical to think that Fishkill is something to do with a river or stream, and Hamilton Fish.  I would appreciate it if those who may know, to comment and correct me if I'm wrong.  I absolutely LOVE this area, especially all the historical significance, and the fact that you still have small-town life only 60 miles or so from New York City.

I have had a lot of small problems with my computer since I've arrived here, and hope to get it settled without needing to buy a new computer.  My son has also promised me he would try to find a way to solve the photo issue so I can post some photos from my trip.

Going back to the to the day after my arrival, it was over 90 degrees.   Yesterday the temperature dropped to the high 60's and it is still very nice and cool today.  I'm enjoying that!

I realize I've jumped around a lot timewise, but since my arrival here I still haven't settled down to a good grasp of where and when I am!  Please bear with me as I get in the groove!

My youngest grandson is supposed to read out loud to an adult for 20 minutes each day, and when I'm here he reads to me.  I guess it's too late to ask my son about the photo problem, but I may take my computer to Best Buy in the near future to see if they can help me.  They are the official Apple dealer in this area.

See ya tomorrow.

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  1. I am sorry to hear about the problems you are having posting pictures from your laptop, as I am having the same issue from my desktop.

    Get a good night's rest.