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Friday, May 11, 2018

Tying up loose ends

I am having such difficulty taking care of some important things, for one reason because my credit union has decided to change their credit and debit cards, one to a new format, and the other to a different company.  I've explained that I will be travelling across the country, and they assure me I will get my debit card in time, but I want the new credit card as well.  To make matters worse I am having extensive work done on my car next Tuesday that I'm not sure how I can cover if I don't get at least one of those cards.  I hate it when stumbling blocks like this come up.

The primary election in CA is set for June 5, so I will have to send in a ballot by mail.  I've been studying candidates for governor and senator, totaling approx 34 candidates in all, which I've narrowed down to 7 candidates.  I think now I've made one of the choices, and am waiting for email replies to my two possible choices for governor.  This is sort of exciting to me and surprising as well, as I've usually found the primaries to be fairly dull.  I remember years ago when there wasn't such drama in government and I really didn't want to bother with a primary vote.  Because two of my kids were in the car with me I decided to stop and vote on the way home so as to give them good example of civic responsibility.  I guess it worked as they have turned out very well in that arena.

I've been sneezing a lot lately and this morning read that this will be a very tough allergy season in most parts of the U.S.   I thought I was finished with that!   I'd better pack a few allergy tablets.

I hope you all have a great weekend, and stay safe!


  1. Hope the cards show up. My allergies are bad too. Not fun. Sure wish it would rain.

  2. I wouldn't mind some rain myself, but it looks like we probably won't get any more until fall or winter. I'm going to go viral if those cards don't show up. It's not that they changed the cards, but changing both at the same time is a bit much. Hope you get some relief from allergies. I'm going to take some Mucinex tablets with me.

  3. I am sorry to hear about your credit card issues in particular because of your upcoming trip.

    Our primaries are on May 22nd and I have put in a lot of work into researching candidates. In this current political climate there is no margin for error.

    I too have been sneezing and today after a couple of weeks my vertigo came back, almost fell on top of the doctor!

    1. The problems with the cards couldn't happen at a worse time.

      I feel the same way about the election being so important. I'm not sure I trust the electoral process ay more. I wish they would get rid of the machine voting and go back to counting paper ballots. It would be worth waiting longer to get the results to know they haven't been hacked.

      Oh my goodness, I have never had vertigo but remember when my Mom did. It was awful for her.