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Monday, August 14, 2017

My tests are done - UPDATE

Now I just have to be patient and wait for the results.  I walked around nearby Lowe's for a while but I find the layout of their store to be confusing, probably because I don't go there often.

From there I went to the gym for my 1+ mile on the treadmill.  It isn't easy to make myself walk, although it isn't all that bad.  I later went to Home Depot where I found several things on my list.  

I had a really big problem with the internet yesterday.  It slowed down to the point where nothing would load, and I had missed the opportunity to remark about it on my blog in case I should be shut out for a while.  I could use some features of my computer, but the internet was kaput!  This morning before calling AT&T, I decided to try resetting the box, and it worked!  Everything is back to normal.  I had thought about asking Donald to see what was wrong, and he would have gotten to the problem a lot sooner than I did, but I solved it nonetheless.

I'm trying to add a few things to my diet - some of it works and some things don't.  I have found that the least bit of ice cream makes me miserable an hour later, and I don't understand why as I use milk with cereal and protein shakes, and cream in my coffee,  but for some reason ice cream is not agreeing with me and it is becoming obvious that I need to give it up altogether.

I don't think any of them read my blog, but I will say my four kids are the most loving and generous people in the world.  I hope their children learn by example. 

The doctor forwarded the results of one of the tests (I think there are more, but I'm not sure about that).  It shows I'm more anemic than I was before, and the test result she sent to me was for ferritin levels.  I have tried to research ferritin but it's like trying to learn Greek to me.  I could probably do much better learning Greek!   I will be seeing the regular doctor on Wednesday, so maybe I will get some explanations.  I have already decided I won't do further tests on this unless they are totally non-invasive.

I think I've mentioned that my sister has the opposite problem with too much iron in her blood.  I think both conditions affect the liver and I am glad I don't drink regularly or very much.  I think I will have a beer in a little while though.  Ice cream is out, and I need something tasty for comfort!  I'll probably forget all about it until it's too late and I'm getting ready for bed!


  1. Iron Levels
    The ferritin test is a simple blood test. High levels of ferritin can indicate an iron storage disorder, such as hemochromatosis, or a chronic disease process. Low levels of ferritin are indicative of iron deficiency, which causes anemia (a reduction in the number of red blood cells).

    1. My levels have gone up since I was last tested in Feb. of 2017. So do I understand that I might have a iron storage disorder? My sister has hemochromatosis but her situation is entirely different. I am totally confused.

  2. I have seen several mentions lately about ice cream that doesn't melt. No telling what they are putting in ice cream. I seldom eat ice cream so didn't pay much attention to the post.

    1. I actually had some of the ice cream (Breyers)that doesn't melt. Disgusting! The ice cream I love and always like to have on hand is an organic vanilla from a creamery in CA, Humboldt creamery. It melts in a hurry especially when the weather is hot. I don't know why it doesn't agree with me, but then I'm noticing more and more things that don't agree with me.

  3. Congrats on fixing your internet problems. Wish I could. We've moved into Acadia National Park campground which has no nothing - no water, no electricity, no internet signal, no phone signal. That would be OK if the surrounding area had any signals but they don't either. So I came to the local library to post my latest blog and gmail wouldn't let me in my email accounts because I was using a different server than my own. DUH! So I spent two hours trying to get them to allow me to send emails from my account using the library's connection with zero luck. I am so mad I could spit tacks!!! Hope your doctor has an easy remedy for this ferritin problem of yours. I know you want your energy back.