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Friday, April 25, 2014


Jeannie took me to my post op this morning, and my mood has been swinging wildly for the last few days anyway, nearly driving me crazy today.  I've gone through periods of wanting to just sit and cry, as well as those of just plain depression.  I have been able to eat though not nearly enough to make much of a difference in my weight, but it's a start.  I weigh 110#, which is about a 14# loss from when I went into surgery.  I'll be working on that over the coming weeks, although I'm not going to be so obsessed with it.

I saw one of the hospital doctors and not my surgeon who was not in the hospital today.  He and another doctor poked around enough to bring on some pain, and I finally broke down and took a pain pill when I got home.  I have about 8 of them left so when they are gone, that's it.  I think I can wean myself off them during the coming week.

Things are looking positive although I don't feel it yet - in time I'll be back to my old self.  I'm restricted on how much I can lift, and the only exercise they want me to do until the 6 wk mark is to walk.  I asked how many miles and how fast, and was told whatever I feel comfortable doing.  I hate it when they won't be specific, so I'll work myself up to 3 miles in an hour.

I think I've gotten the message that I don't need to be backpacking at this stage of my life, so I'm crossing it off my list of goals.  I'll be happy if I can just do some car camping this summer; if I get to the point I feel I can do more then I might change plans a bit.  

Right now I'm feeling pretty crappy!  I know better days are ahead.  Thanks for all the good wishes.  It's comforting to know that folks are sending me good vibes, and I'm so appreciative of my blog readers.  I hope I can get back in my old routine soon - I just can't read much at a time and it's hard to focus on anything, but I know that's only temporary. 


  1. So much appreciate your effort, Gypsy! Sure do hope you are feeling better soon. You are right; better times are coming.

  2. Always thinking of you! every day will be a new beginning ...

  3. Yes you will be fine in a few more weeks. things always look crappy when you feel crappy. I know as soon as you feel better you will see things better about your camping and backpacking. Maybe the backpacking won't be as much as you wanted to do but it will be better than not going at all.

    One morning you will wake and say WOW I feel GREAT!

  4. Just take it easy for now, and start the walking slowly. Don't do too much too soon. It will come. And I'll bet your backpacking days aren't over. With that, too, you can start slowly with short trips so you won't have to carry as much - then add a day each time. You'll see. :)

  5. It all looks worse now than it will in a few weeks. No need to make decisions that you 'can't' do something for the rest of your life right now.

  6. I agree with Shadow. So sorry to hear you are feeling depressed. I can sure see why. Been there myself. it's hard to be happy when you are feeling crappy. But it won't be that way forever.

  7. Well I don't know bout anybody else, but you should not still be hurt'n like you are (said after watch'm my dad recover from hernia operation).

    I know what ya mean bout put'n stuff aside an' say'n I ain't gonna be able to do that. Don't sell your backpack'n stuff. It's still useable by you at a later time. I would never sell my golf'n clubs.....know what I mean???

  8. Hang in there with your dreams. You will be able to car camp before you know it, and maybe the backpacking will look more feasible later on. I know where there is the perfect backpack for you! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


  9. I am so sorry you are still hurting. I had to smile when you said you were going to start walking at 3 miles per hour. Even in my younger days and in much better physical condition than I am today...could I ever walk 3 miles per hour!

    Don't give up on backpacking...things will look better once you start healing.

    Thank you for taking the time to update us.

  10. Some road trips in a car with tent camping could be very enjoyable. I see a lot of people doing that lately. Hope you can find a comfort level getting out there. Take care.

  11. You are a very strong woman and will overcome.. Just stay positive. Praying you feel like yourself quickly.