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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tweet Tweet!

I have lately watched way more TV than is good for a person, but I am really interested in the disappearance of the Malaysian plane.  I usually watch CNN, and the host of whatever show is on says "Tweet me with your questions".

Well yes, I have lots of questions and they are better questions than many coming in to CNN.  But how do I Tweet without an iPhone?  Possibly I could do it with my Jitterbug phone, except that I have text messages blocked, and I don't want to go through the hassle of unblocking them just to Tweet!

But why can't I send it from my computer?  I have done a lot of research and finally found out that I could register on Tweet.com and indeed tweet from the computer.  In the process of registering I ran into a roadblock I couldn't figure out and said "hell with it".  I really didn't want to send a message anyway.  I don't understand why CNN or anyone else doesn't just give you the option to send an email, but most insist you use Facebook or Twitter.

I got a shower, hair wash, and got dressed this morning, and I look and feel much better.  Yesterday was a real waste!  I just got back from Costco where I needed to buy eggs and coffee beans, but a box (72) of Eggos caught my eye and into the cart it went.  I love those things once in a while and they make a good quick snack.

Now I have to go to the grocery to get milk and a couple of other items, but I just hate to get in the car again.  Maybe after lunch I'll feel more like it.

My dental appointment tomorrow has been moved up from Noon to 10 am.  I will have to get up and get a move on in the morning, but I'll get it out of the way sooner.

Although there are some clouds in the sky, the sun is shining today.  But with only a high of 62F expected, it is only warm in the direct sun.


  1. Good luck at the dentist tomorrow! You have a lot going on and deserve a down day once in a while. Soon it will all be over and you'll be On the Road Again. :)

  2. thinking of you for your surgery & dental 'stuff' all will go well & you will be wonderful :)

  3. Good luck with your appointments. I am sure all will go well.

  4. A shower and clothes usually is the ticket to a better day. I need to get a move on tomorrow too lots to be done and on the top of the list it a hair cut.

    I know your dentist apt. will go great.

  5. I don't facebook or tweet either. Just can't stand the artificialness of it. Hate to get in the car to go shopping too. Why can't I just walk to the store. Boy I sound like a curmudgeon today.