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Friday, January 28, 2011

Problems with blogger

Every now and then I will go to a blog entry, and the header is there but no daily entry. And more often than not, I don't get all the photos that are posted with an entry. Sometimes I get a few of the pictures, and at others there are references to the pics but just a couple of blank spaces where the photo should go.

Since I'm sort of winding down and can't keep my mind focused on much of anything, I am not going to post to my blog very often until after my surgery, and I will probably not read the blogs regularly. I'm just sitting at home worrying that I'm coming down with something serious. I have developed a cough that is going deep into my chest, and I hope it isn't from the fire & smoke in Arizona or the mold here in my apartment. I think maybe I don't stand much of a chance at escaping problems from one or the other.


  1. We will miss hearing from, of, and about you, if you don't write your blog. But it is up to you, of course.
    Maybe you need to be checked out for that mold issue. That sure can make you sick.
    Are you taking your vitanims? Especially lots of Vitamin D?
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny, TX

  2. I really think you need to get your lungs checked out. It could be many things - pneumonia, the mold, bronchitis. But all of those need to be treated. We don't want you sick now.

    Sure will be looking forward to your posts after your surgery. If you feel up to dropping us a note on your blog every once in awhile, we would appreciate it. Just to know how you are.

  3. As for the troubles with Bloggger, do you use Live Writer? I guess not, as I never have any troubles with it. You can write your blog, even when not online? You can set it to save every couple of minutes, and it has a preview, also.
    It is easier to put the pictures in, where you want them with Live Writer, too. Then all you do it hit 'publish'.

  4. You really need to get your lungs checked out! Check this out since you have surgery coming up. Don't worry about your blog, take care of YOU, but we would like to know how you are! Best wishes..

  5. Please keep us informed once in awhile, especially with the eye surgery.

    Blogger does that from time to time. I also use live writer, especially with pictures.

    Take care of yourself, you've become a great online friend.

  6. I agree with the rest of the comments. Get yourself checked out. Hopefully you'll feel better soon. Good luck!!

  7. My short term memory is not reminding me what day your surgery is Gypsy but it must be pretty close. Do you think your nerves may be stretched to the limit right now as the surgery date approaches. That in itself can cause mental & physical problems. Blog when you can & keep us in the loop with what is happening. Soon you will be on the other side of all this & hopefully your current difficulties will rapidly begin to improve.

  8. Best of luck with everything, hope you will have a speedy recovery, and yes, please have your lung checked out!

    I'll be waiting for your return... even I seldom leave comments here!

  9. We'll be thinking good thoughts and sending healing energy your way. (And, add one more vote for getting your lungs checked out!) Take good care!!

  10. I am with the rest on your lungs. Don't mess around, no breathing, no life, it is just that simple. As for blogger, I use Live Writer too, but sometimes I can't get all of the pictures to load either. I mean on other's blogs, but when that happens usually if I just click refresh, they will load. I am really getting upset about leaving comments...Sometimes it takes 4 tries before it will go through. That is my biggest complaint. Don't worry about your blog, we will all be here waiting for you. Take care of yourself, and try not to worry so much.

  11. Wish you all the luck in the world with your surgery. How long will it be until you will be able to use that eye again?

  12. Sorry you are feeling poorly. Check them lungs out or you may not be healthy enough for surgery! ... take care of yourself, perhaps that mold is growing again in your apartment.
    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  13. Gypsy, good luck with your surgery - I don't remember if you posted when it is going to be. I hope it's soon, and successful.

    We'll all be thinking of you and looking forward to good news. :)