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Thursday, January 27, 2011

I fixed the printer!

I wanted to return the printer to Staples today to see if they could figure out what was wrong with it. I'm glad I didn't embarrass myself by taking it there. I couldn't find the receipt, so I checked the installation instructions and found that there is a troubleshooting guide on the CD. Sure 'nuf, there was a paper jam. As I was going through all the possibilities and it kept mentioning "paper jam", I was getting aggravated and repeating "There IS NO paper jam".

When I took out the paper tray and toner cartridge from the front, and opened the door in the back, I definitely saw the paper lying there, but went to get a flashlight just to make sure! It wasn't too difficult to remove it without tearing it to pieces, and once I got the printer back together and all doors closed, the blue "Ready" light came on. I used to believe the wisdom of "When all else fails, read the instructions.", but lately I don't even have the patience to do that. Maybe if I had a booklet in my hands instead of having to move back and forth to the computer screen?

I'm worn out from all that work, plus the fact that I got up early this morning in order to make the trip to Staples (about 3 or 4 miles), so the couch looks very inviting right now. I think it's nap time.


  1. I sure know what you mean by how much better it is to have written instructions than having to go to the computer screen all the time. I recently purchased a small Canon camera & am so mad that they did not include an instruction book. I have to go fire up the computer & go through all the mumbo jumbo to read anything about the camera. Try carrying a computer in your pocket on a field trip. And, like I always say, 'Newer is not always better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

  2. I absolutely hate instruction booklets on the computer. But when I got my new phone the booklet was 365 pages long. So printing it was not an option. And there still is a lot I don't know about the phone and it may be years before I get there.

    Hope you enjoyed your nap.

  3. Congrats!! At least you didn't have to make that trip. I am bad about not reading instructions too, so you aren't alone.

  4. I'm the opposite. When I plan to buy something, I download the instructions to my computer so that I can study them while waiting for the arrival of the item. I leave them on the laptop, so that when I travel, I have all the instructions for all the gadgets I take with me: cell phone, XM, GPS, camera, voice recorder, etc. It would take another bag to take all the instructions I have stored on my laptop.

  5. You done good. The bottom line, it now works, so you did good.

  6. Glad to hear you were able to fix that printer issue yourself. Get some rest and don't over do it.

    Travel Safe
    Dawn & Denise

  7. I am so glad you got your printer going. I still have an old basic three buttons and lights type HP printer. Scared the cartridges will go out of stock and I will have to buy one of those newfangled ones! ACK!~

    Karen and Steve
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