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Thursday, February 4, 2021

After the storms

I finally spent some time in the back yard surveying the damage from the storm.  I've been picking up small branches that were blown around, but there are two larger and heavy branches that I can't seem to maneuver.  Maybe if I clean up the area around them I can get a good grip on at least one of them.  They fell into my garden plot.  The weeds have grown so high from the rain that I will have to use the weed eater to get them - I doubt a lawn mower could get through the tall stuff unless some of it is chopped off first.  I'm too old for this stuff!

I have to get Rocky ready for some sedation pills, as he is going to get his nails trimmed.  I am going to insist on them making another follow up appointment for about 3 wks for more trim.  They can only do a little at a time since his nails are totally black and they can't see the "quick".  I'm sick of being clawed to pieces but no one seems to care but me.

With a few weeks to go until the 1 yr anniversary of going into isolation, I'm hoping this next year will be different.  I used to be a fairly normal, cheerful woman, but with everything going on I have turned into a disgruntled old witch who is mostly imprisoned at home.  Thank the stars I get out to walk Rocky in the morning and can wave to those dog walkers on the other side of the street.  I usually don't meet that many people, although runners, kids on bikes, and the occasional walker go by.  But I need a little more than waving to an occasional person on a morning walk.  Also, with my worsening eyesight goes a bit more difficulty in walking and avoiding all the cracks and upheavals in the sidewalks.  Sometimes I feel a sense of doom and know I am going to suffer a severe injury if I fall again.

Let's see if I can end on a more cheerful note.  The day is sunny and beautiful.  A bit chilly and breezy, but a gorgeous day nonetheless.  And I am going to get Rocky's nails trimmed in an hour or so.  I gave him the sedation pills in peanut butter and hope he didn't find a place to hide the pill while eating the peanut butter!



  1. Good luck with Rocky's nails.
    Be Safe on those uneven sidewalks and Enjoy the cooler temperatures.

    It's about time.

  2. With my CRS perhaps I am wrong...but I was under the impression that your landlord paid to have your lawn mowed? If not perhaps you could hire someone on Angie's List for a one-time mow.

    1. I paid a guy last year to mow during the green-grow season. Most of the year the grass is brown unless you water every day. My back yard is too large and would cost a fortune to water everyday.

  3. Our doxies have the same issue with their black nails. At lest ours have been small enough that they don't need to be sedated but they have bled a few times. And we don't even attempt to do it - the groomer gets that fun time. I am so glad we don't have a lawn or a garden to worry about. But I hope you get yours going because I know how much you enjoy the garden.

  4. I wonder what causes my comments to not post.
    Yes like Sandie's doxies my guy also has the black nails. Hope all went well with Rocky's appt.