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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Quick update

 I got my 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine two days ago, and while the injection site is still a bit tender I really haven't had any problems.  I am so relieved and grateful to be this far along in the process, and don't think I'll have difficulties down the road.  I think it makes me more tired, but I will take it easy to begin with.

Jeannie went home this afternoon after being here with me for 2 days & nights.  I was happy to have her company, and we worked a couple of jigsaw puzzles over the time she was here.  Donald and the girls have been in an out as well, and Rocky is in heaven with all the younger people around.

Speaking of Rocky, I often feel so guilty that he has to put up with me as his owner.  I'm not very active, whereas he is approaching his 3rd birthday and probably in the prime of his life.  He deserves to have fun and be around people, and I can't meet his energy.

This was just meant to be an update on my experience with the covid vaccine.  Everyone will react differently but I just want you to know that I am so happy and relieved that I've gotten both doses, with little or no problems .  Even if I knew I would have a stronger reaction, such as chills & fever which one of my sons experienced, I would still get the vaccine.  And it is my nature to be suspicious of everything, so that makes me surprised that I've never had second thoughts or doubts about it.


  1. Jim got his second shot today and he has a sore arm but that's it. Yea!! It has got to be such a relief to get that protection. So wonderful to be around family again.

  2. Happy your aren't having any thing more than a soar arm. I was supposed to get my first shot on Friday and it was canceled due to running out of vaccine. I will be notified when more is available.

  3. I got my first Pfizer shot Tuesday. I am so happy. Can’t wait to get the second one next month. I know I’m old but at least I won’t die from covid.

  4. I had my second Pfizer dose yesterday. Today I have a sore arm, headache and achy body and please don't take this as complaining, it's just a minor inconvenience. Just so very grateful to have been able to get the vaccine with my compromised immune system.