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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Work has begun

I expected the yard man to arrive around 9 this morning, and was getting a little nervous when he didn't.  A little before 10 he arrived with a helper, and said they expected to get it all done in one day.  I asked them about lunch - whether they brought their own, or whether I could get them lunch at In-and-Out Burger which is just outside the park gates.  They said they had brought their own, so if everything goes well I'll add the lunch money as a tip.  I am just so relieved they are here and working.

About an hour after they began work the man next door came out and started talking - I avoid him like the plague because you can't get away from him as he never allows a break in the conversation.  Good thing I'm not paying by the hour, although I hate to see the workmen losing time either.  I think Ed hires this guy for small jobs once in a while so he probably has to be civil.  Back before the election Ed came to my door for some ridiculous reason but he really wanted to engage me in a political discussion. I knew right off that our political views were poles apart, so I cut it short before I got too aggravated.  It's a good thing I have Bruce on the other side because he is a wonderful neighbor.  I think we are two misfits in this place.

I called GreatCall this morning about the text messages I kept getting from my kids last weekend, and it turns out that since I don't have the $3/month unlimited text package the overage charges would amount to $11.50.  It was suggested I pay the $3 for the texting and at the end of the billing cycle I can cancel it if I want.  This will save me over $8 for this month and I won't have to worry if I get any more messages.  I may just decide to keep it, but I have until the 17th to decide.  The number pads on my Jitterbug are large and easy to read, so maybe I'll try texting once in a while.  Once again I found the customer service to be very good.

I think I discovered why my Sitemeter doesn't work on this computer.  I have a DoNotTrack program set up and in scrolling through the hundreds of tracking companies that are blocked, I found Sitemeter.  I guess I will keep it on the DoNotTrack list for now.  I used to see the counter every time I looked at my blog, but I'm no longer used to it.

I had some dinner rolls left over and just made croutons with them.  The croutons are so good I'm snacking on them, and they may never make it to soup or salad.

The yard man just left around 3 pm and will be back Thursday to finish up.  He will also bring rock to spread over the thin layer that was there to begin with.  I decided to get the rock and pay for it through him rather than have to deal with it myself.  So far, so good.    




  1. That is great you are getting your yard done. I know that will help lift a lot of stress off of you. I am sure you will love it and that will lift your spirits.

  2. Texting is a good idea. While you are at Lasson, if you have a weak cell signal - a text will sometimes go through anyway. Photos will not go through with a bad signal.

  3. I thought I heard a big sigh coming from the weed police in the west this afternoon! ;)

  4. "I avoid him like the plague because you can't get away from him as he never allows a break in the conversation."

    Know exactly what you mean by that statement. I find those types of people extremely irritating & avoid them like the plague as well.

  5. Another hint: Preen is a pre-emergent weed killer. It's a yellow granule which is sown out over the rocks. It stops weeds from developing and prevents them to grow. It doesn't hurt the existing plants. I saw it at Sam's club today-but didn't price it. Maybe this will prevent future problems- especially since you will be gone in the summer.

  6. Good for you... glad it's coming along ... I can't wait until I can start with the yard... more rain and cold the rest of this week... jeeez with this weather already

    I have my site meter set to not track my own pageviews. I don't want that but I do enjoy seeing the pageviews... downright unbelievable ... even with the back and forthing comments which I really like.

  7. So glad to hear you are getting the work you want done. Hopefully it will suit the snooty and put your mind at ease.

    I gave up on the site meter. No matter how many times I told it not to track me, it just always did. There is no way I could have that many page views and that few comments.....I don't think.

  8. Sherry... you may have your browser settings set so that each time you log off ... your blog will be logged off too. I have mine set like this.

    Each time I log on to my laptop, I click on stats and tell it to not track my pageviews.

    I don't like for my browser to store my passwords because I travel so much ... no passwords are stored on my computer and I tell 'it' when I log on not to remember me...

    this make sense? You can indeed have a lot of pageviews with very few comments. some folk like to just read and remain anonymous ... same thing with a lot of yahoo or google groups... lurkers ... which I don't mind lurkers a'tall...

    you can see who visied you in stats. I do sometime but for the most part ... I just enjoy and then get curious sometime and go look... ;)

  9. Glad the contractor is working out! I always seem to have trouble with them:(

  10. It will be good not having to worry about the yard this summer. Looking forward to seeing pics this summer. When will you be leaving?

  11. I check your blog regularly, hoping to see pictures of your new yard, taken with your new camera. Am I expecting too much?

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