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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Update, Part 4, June 16-June 20, 2009

Tuesday, June 16:
I should win the “Miss Congeniality” title for today. I’ve made the rounds of the campground twice and it has taken me most of the day so far, and I have at least another round to go. I think I’ve talked to everyone here, beginning with the backcountry ranger, who just left for another part of the Park. And the campers are some of the friendliest people I’ve met.

I think I’m going to have to take Wednesday and Thursday off each week, and to tell the truth, I may just sneak in a couple of rounds just to keep the paperwork straight. I don’t think anyone does my job when I’m not here, so I want to keep everything up to date and correct. I may drive to Old Station tomorrow and restock a few items, including my supply of beer. Two cans each evening just mellow out a day that can’t get much mellower! What a place I’ve lucked in to, but it certainly would not suit everyone’s taste. For one thing, the generator is a pain in the neck. As soon as I turn it off I think of something I should have run while it was still on. I’m charging up the laptop right now just in case it will work in Old Station, although I have doubts I can get a signal for long enough to post my blog or read email. I dread thinking of how many emails I must have backed up. Surprisingly, I haven’t exactly had withdrawal from communication technology, although it’s nice to always be able to phone or get on the internet.

Friday, June 19:
I’m getting more comfortable with my job and the campground, and I love it more the longer I’m here. I think I’m finally becoming less reliant on the computer although I will need to find a connection soon to scan through the hundreds of emails that will be stacked up, check my bank balance, etc.

There are so many nice folks who come here and it’s a pleasure to talk with them, and my co-workers are absolutely great! Next week I am going to get out and do some hiking since I am getting used to the campground routine and can have plenty of time left to go out on the trails.

Saturday, June 20:
Another day of campground rounds, processing credit cards, friendly warnings about dogs running loose, etc. The rules relating to dogs are in very plain and simple language--allowed in one’s campsite or on the roadways, and ALWAYS on a leash. If I didn’t want to follow the rule I would find someplace else to camp, although just about all campgrounds have the same restrictions. Why do people think it doesn’t apply to their dog? I hate being the “heavy” on an issue like that.

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