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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Responses to my post yesterday (A Quick Hello)

I am sorry for all my complaints in yesterday's post.  When I read about a working person having to live in his car because he couldn't afford housing, I was ashamed of myself for  whining about my situation.  I have a very nice and comfortable apartment, connected to my daughter's home but completely separate, and I sleep pretty comfortably every night.  I have no right to b*tch about my situation when so many others in the U.S. are living in desperate conditions.

I recall the stories my dad told about living through the Great Depression, and I guess our lives could get much worse.  They are worse for people who are deprived of the basics.  A couple of years ago, I gave my backpacking tent and other camping items to a homeless person, and I often wonder what became of him.

"There, but for the grace of God, go I."   I think that is such a humbling and impactful saying!


  1. On YouTube there are so many people who live out of their cars, minivans, full size vans, Teslas, trucks, tents, even an ambulance for many reasons.

    However, this year there is a new crop of them that do it out of necessity because they can not afford to pay their apartments or have lost their homes and/or job. It is humbling to see their struggles but also uplifting when you see them thriving and prospering in these challenging circumstances.

  2. Like MsBelinda, has said yes so very many are living in cars or other vehicles if they are lucky enough to own one. So yes you are blessed, as some of us are. It is a real struggle out there for these folks.