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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Hotel California!

 I am "living it up at the Hotel California" today.  In fact, if I don't quit having so much fun, who knows what trouble I might get into!   I can "check out any time I like, but I just can't ever leave".  (Thanks for the suggestion, Cactus Flower!)

It has been too hot lately to even go out on my covered patio, but one of the best things about Sacramento weather is that no matter how hot the days are, it gets cool in the evening and the cool hangs on until mid-morning at least!  I just closed my windows at 3pm and clicked on the a/c!

Kathy mentioned that there are little boots for dogs to protect their paws.  I bought some of these years ago for Smoky, my first black lab and dog who accompanied me on my Appalachian Trail hike.  We began the hike in early March and the weather was often cold and icy.  His reaction to the boots was absolutely priceless:  he would take a step and shake one of his paws trying to get rid of the bootie.  Then another step and shake of a paw.  It went on for a few steps and I took them off when I could finally quit laughing.  I came to the conclusion that God would have to protect his paws because booties were not the answer!  (He survived like the champ he was!).  I walk Rocky on a short trail that runs through the woods, and I steer him back and forth to whatever side has any shade at all.

I'll be happy when the days begin to cool down, although that might be another month, at least. 


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