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Thursday, March 14, 2019

End of the great weather?

It looks like the next 3 days will be in the 60's and then will rise to the 70's, which is about what I consider the upper limits of great weather!  I figured it would happen, but with frigid temps and snow/ice storms forecast for the upper midwest, I thought we might be lucky enough to get temps just a bit lower than normal. 

For some reason Rocky walked like a perfect gentleman when I took him out this morning.  He's usually eager to rock & roll first thing in the a.m.  Andrew will be taking him into the dog park shortly, and he can run to his heart's content.  And he runs like a speeding bullet - that dog is really fast!  He's fun to watch.

I think I will try again to begin packing some things from my desk for my upcoming move.  I can't put everything off any longer, and I'm worried about space in the duplex.  It has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, but the actual storage probably won't equal what I have here.  I have said before, the older mobile homes (60's or so) had incredible storage space, especially in the kitchen.  I would need 3 modern apartments to equal the cabinets and storage in my kitchen.  I would certainly be better off to decide what I don't need anymore and not try to move it.  About two years ago I really got rid of a lot of unnecessary and unused small items, but I must have filled the space with new things!  I don't know how I managed in a 34' fifth wheel, but it actually had good storage for what it was.

I will say it now, but getting rid of most of my belongings to move into the 5th wheel was probably the biggest mistake of my life, although another person might say it was the biggest learning experience.  I love to travel but love a home to come back to as well, and dealing with a large 5th wheel by myself wasn't fun at all.

I hope everyone has a good Thursday; it's hard to believe we are almost to the middle of March.  I feel like I'm on a runaway train! 


  1. Packing and ridding ones self of stuff in tough. I started getting rid of stuff and then just came to a screetching hault.

    1. That's what I did! I read Marie Kondo's book about decluttering your house and was doing great. Then all of the sudden I just quit. Now it's worse than ever.

  2. i am a complete failure at trying to get rid of things. Think it runs in the family. That is my story and I am sticking to it!

  3. You aren't responsible for your genes! So you are totally in the clear.