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Thursday, March 7, 2019

At the Vet

I can't say I really like the vet I take Rocky to; we spent a lot of time there and she sure talked a lot, but in the end the tests didn't show anything and I had left the specimen at home in the freezer.

I came back with 3 different kinds of medicines, one is for three large chewable tables, three times a day.  I would have thought he would like the chewable tabs but he turned his nose up at them.  I got out the tried and true peanut butter, and dipped each tablet in it.  It works!

We were there for a long time to hold a hyperactive puppy on a leash, and I was moaning about how difficult it was sometimes to walk him, especially when he sees other people and dogs.  Either the vet or the assistant suggested having him carry a pack.  That's it!  I came home and ordered a doggie backpack, into which I will put a few items, and we will go hiking around our neighborhood, for a start.   So no more of my food or treats - gotta get this big boy into shape!

I'd really like to walk over to the river, but it is probably a 2 mile walk from here (and 2 miles back), plus last year there were reports of  a mountain lion now and then.  I don't think one has ever caused trouble, and I doubt if one would take on a big dog like Rocky, but  I wouldn't care to come into close contact with one of them.

Not much else is going on here - I'm feeling kind of lethargic lately.  There certainly is a lot of work I'm avoiding right now.




  1. A doggie pack! What a great idea! If you go to a store you could pick up some groceries and he could carry them home for you. He'll feel like he has a job and be so proud! I hope you can take a photo of him with his pack on!

    1. I have been trying to get a decent photo of him but because he is so black, the photos show no definition. I think if I an get him in the sunlight I might get a picture1 Thanks for the suggestion, and also the reminder that a working breed needs a job, that doesn't involve chewing everything in sight! You are brilliant!