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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Sports Injury

We spent the afternoon at Jeannie's yesterday, and enjoyed being with my niece Julie and her husband John, from the Milwaukee area.  They think our winter is pretty mild, although I sure need to dress warm!

I stayed indoors while some of the men and kids went out to play basketball.  Of course, the biggest kid of the bunch was mine.  He went up for a shot and came down on one of his paws too hard I think, and it it has been sore ever since.  It only bothers him from time to time, so he must have figured out how to walk without putting pressure on the injured spot.  When Andrew brought him back from his walk this morning he mentioned that Rocky must have hurt himself on the walk, but I assured him that Rocky hurt himself playing basketball.  

I didn't think too much of it, but when I took him out for a walk a few minutes ago he had a difficult time going down the steps, and then I could tell it hurt him to walk.  I'm at a loss to know what to do about it right now and will just watch him closely this evening.    He's been on the couch all afternoon, which is a little unusual

The weather sure looks beautiful today although it seems cold when I go outdoors.   So I'll try to stay indoors as much as I can!

 I think Julie and John might try to make it up I-80 to Reno in a couple of days, although I sure wouldn't have the nerve to attempt it.  When I was Julie's age though, I would have tried anything!

I am really anxious to get together with my d-i-l Megan, and begin going through our plants, seeds, and plans for our gardening project.   I hope we can start on it soon.

I've run on long enough so I'll quit now.  Have a good week.


  1. Hope Rocky will be better tomorrow.
    Are you going to use planters for your garden, if your planning on moving won't that be a tough job to move the plants?

    It is so cold here I can't hardly stand it. And this from the lady who wanted to move up north. I think what makes so bad is how damp it is.

    1. We will probably plant a lot at Meg's house - they have a huge yard and are putting in several fruit trees this year as well. I will either take some things in pots to my new place, and/or plant late summer crops when I get there. We are using organic seeds so we can save them from year to year. The weather here is chilly but not quite as bad as it was the past couple of months.

  2. You might want to soak his paw in Epson salts and if it doesn't get better have your vet x-ray it. Dogs feet and ankles can get fractures just like us humans except we have shoes/boots to protect our feet. If you do soak it rinse it off after with clean warm water as the salts will dry and crack their pads. You can find that book I put on our blog site at Amazon by entering the writers name in their search. thanks for your comment on our blog site...

  3. I hope Rocky gets better sooner.

    I can almost feel your excitement about your future place. I think I saw that it was snowing in Reno? or was it Las Vegas? Anyway that would be too cold and too treacherous for me to attempt regardless of my age.

  4. I think Rocky will be ok although he will probably have to take it a little easier for a while, which is a good thing! I would never drive up the mountain to Reno, but my niece and her husband are both in their early 50's and I can barely remember how reckless I could be at that age! I'm looking forward to just getting the move over with. I have so much to do and don't know where to start. Whatever happened to my organizational skills that I once had!