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Thursday, October 15, 2020

A good laugh!

I just read something that made me laugh, and I thought I would share it.

 I watch a lot of YouTube videos, including political ones.  In reading the comment section this morning about a video on Melania Trump, I got the best laugh I've had for a while.  A reader named "Barbara" commented that her granddaughter referred to DT's wife as "Malaria".  I hope you find that as amusing (and as fitting) as I did!  Out of the mouth of babes .....

I'm can still walk Rocky in the mornings, but I doubt I will be able to for much longer.  Rocky is the best boy ever on his walks, but the problem for me is the pavement.  Broken, cracked, buckled up, and no sidewalks except in front of the school property.  I'm afraid I'm an accident waiting to happen.

There is so much housework I need to do, but I don't know where to start, so I haven't started yet!  I'd better get moving.



  1. Thanks for the funny! Yes. An appropriate name. I wish I could give you a nice, smooth place to walk!
    Nice to find your blog here. I miss you when you don't talk! Take care.

  2. Housework is highly overrated so don’t worry about it 🤪😉

  3. It made me laugh too...how appropriate!

    At least you have a nice big yard for Rocky to run around in and your daughter and granddaughters to walk him once in a while. Your health and safety come first.

  4. LOL LOVE the little ones name it fits perfectly.
    Yes take care when out walking under those conditions. Wish you could find a safer place to walk.

    Like you I watch a lot of YOU Tube so not sure if it was there or PBS that they had a piece on his first wife and how she was out shining him, he couldn't handle it and treated her so bad and to get even he cheated like crazy. That's probably when he met Milaria LOL

    Mailed in my vote this morning.

  5. That is funny! Was glad to see a post...I usually check daily after I read The Bayfield Bunch.
    I only follow a couple of blogs and have a few You Tube RV families I enjoy.
    Our local public radio CBC...talked about a site tou might enjoy. It began during the pandemic lockdown when folks spent much time looking out their windows....It is called window swap.
    httpswindow-swap.com It is the view from other people's windows all over the world.
    Take care,

  6. Art Linkletter used to say, "Kids can be funny" esp. pronouncing words but I find an adult making fun of our First Lady very UN-American and childish. I fully am saddened knowing our President and Melania have been ostracized from the word 'Go'. Melania is a beautiful, poised and very caring American citizen.

    1. I couldn't even begin to reply to this comment.