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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Update July 10-22

I haven'T written much lately but there really isn't much to write. I just go about doing my daily duties.

I'm posting this from Burney, as I just needed to take a day off. I did the campground rounds this morning and will do one more this evening, but for all intents and purposes the gypsy has a day off work!

Friday, July 10:
I have written about how I love the uniform I wear, but I will tell you the negatives. For a woman it is especially difficult, because while the long shirt tail gives it a neater look, it takes longer to smooth those long shirt tails so there are no bulky clumps of fabric. Add to that the times one must wear the radio holster on one’s belt, and then try to go to the bathroom in that get-up. You undo the belt while the radio pulls down the pants automatically, but just try to pull the whole thing back up when you are finished. Nearly impossible! So you struggle to get the shirt tail smooth, the pants and radio up in place, buckle the belt, but wait! The gig line isn’t straight. Those who don’t know about the gig line just ask an old vet. I don’t know if the younger ones even know about gig lines because they live in comfortable BDU’s (Battle Dress Uniform). Me, I have to have the gig line straight, but the belt with the weight of the radio just doesn’t cooperate, and by the time I get it all taken care of I walk out of the bathroom and about 15 minutes later realize I forgot to zip the fly.

Now speaking of vets, I would like to ask any current military or veterans what the deal is regarding the time for reville and retreat on a Post or Base. I raise the flag at my host site pretty early in the morning, but as Post Commander Retreat is when I call it, and that can be anywhere within an hour or so range. It all depends on how many campers I have had to deal with and how tired I am.

You may have detected that I have had a rough time lately, but I think I am ok now. There was a pretty bad group at the campground that required two ranger calls. The rangers have to come from anywhere up to 80 to 100 miles away, so I wouldn’t call them unless absolutely necessary.

Sunday, July 11:
I’ve already had battery and generator problems last night and this morning, but David again used the jumper cables from the truck to battery and everything is going properly. He thinks the batteries are too small for the use I’m giving them, so I will look for some new ones. I had to buy them when I first got the 5th wheel, and I think they were adequate as long as I plugged into electricity most of the time.

Yesterday I was picking up litter from a particularly trashy group that had their camping permit revoked. After I’d been there for a while four or five kids walked toward me and told me they were going to help. The oldest was a pre-teen or young teen-aged girl, and she was definitely in charge. The little girls knew what to do and went to it; the older girl directed the little boy, “Here, Roy, pick that up.” They were so sweet and I appreciated that they helped. I’d say they will become responsible adults.

Although it’s warm in the sun this morning, it is still cold in the 5ver, but it nearly always stays cold in here. The outdoor thermometer registers about 70, and it probably won’t get much warmer than that. I couldn’t figure out why 70 in NC seemed so much warmer, but then remembered the humidity which is a factor. I’ll be glad to get back to some humidity to tell the truth. I never did like the extreme dryness of CA in the summer.

Sunday, July 12:
Just a quick entry to note that I have been very busy today. Most campers have gone, and the ones who are left or are coming in have lots of questions. Fortunately this campground is remote enough to have plenty of spaces available, so I can accommodate changes and special needs.

The wind was so high today that I thought my screen tent would blow away so I took it down. I just finished putting it back up and Lady, who was on a pretty long leash, kept moving away from the activity. It is a pretty large tent and she didn’t think I would get it up as well as I did. It looks better now than it did before. I hope the winds stay down tomorrow because I think I will spray water around my site and into the road, hoping to keep the dust down. I may spray enough on the truck to get some of the dust and pollen off.

I am slowly recovering from the bad vibes from a few days ago, and the world looks good again.


  1. It's great hearing from you and getting an update, we really miss you. I'm glad you're doing well. I hope the dogs are ok, you were looking for a vet the last time you posted.

  2. Nice to hear from you Gypsy. The rest of us are still out here holding on to civilization as best we can. Sounds like you need to get yourself a people break soon. I probably wouldn't have a tenth of the patience you have with surly campers. When you get your new batteries, throw a couple solar panels on the roof & go find yourself a quiet spot with an abundance of peace & tranquility:))

  3. I find it so amazing Gypsy that some campers leave such a mess. I just pulled into a campsite two days ago and found the fire ring full of trash, vegetable peelings all over the ground, also dog poop, and,.. yes even toilet paper (used). I stopped the maintenance guy and told him i'd cleaned up the poop but wouldn't touch the rest. He cleaned the site while I was off doing laundry. Hang in there, gal!