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Monday, February 20, 2023

Weather Changes Coming Up!

Our weather has been really pleasant for a while and I thought spring was just around the corner.  But the predictions now are for rain and a drop in temperatures later on in the week.  I should get out with Rocky while the sun in still shining.

I used to enjoy walking Rocky because I met a lot of my friendly neighbors then.  I don't meet many neighbors in this neighborhood, and I 'd say they are "mildly friendly".  Some don't even respond to a wave and a "hello"!  It's just plain not my type of neighborhood, so what else can I say.   I've been thinking of trying to move back to the city, but not sure where or how to start looking for a place.  I have been so self-sufficient all my life and it's a bitter pill to take losing all my independence and have to ask someone to drive me where I need to go.  This place is really "out in the boonies"!  Suggestions welcome, but not many opportunities for an 82 yr old female.  By the way, "age 82" looks way worse when I put it in print!  :-)  I certainly don't think or feel that old!

So I just came back from a nice walk, where we met a couple who were walking two beautiful dachshund puppies!  They were so cute and friendly, and not afraid of Rocky at all.  Rocky is so laid back that no one should be afraid of him, except someone who is up to no good.  He has always been very perceptive and a good judge of character.

I think I will now spend a bit of time looking at ads for apartment rentals back in civilization!

I also want to send condolences to Judilyn. 








  1. So nice to see a new posting from you. Think of you often - Sacramento has been in the news a lot & always hope you are ok.

  2. I have been thinking about you with all the weather issues in California and hoping that you and your family were fine and had not lost power. I do not know how I missed this post.

    Regarding looking for apartments I can only suggest a real estate agent or Realtor.com where you receive instant updates when something that meets your criteria comes on the market.

    As far as rides are concerned I would give Uber and Lyft some consideration though I have no idea how much they cost. Stay warm and safe.

  3. Hi Martha - Thank you for thinking of me. I often wonder how you are doing. Hope you can find somewhere to be that affords you - and Rocky - the opportunity to enjoy life.

  4. Been wondering about you.. We live remote and can walk our dogs for months and not see another person. so maybe you are not that bad off. We get socialization when we go into town for groceries etc.

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